Photography : Tying The Knot
Michael & Elisa
The Wedding by Adi
May 2017

It is immensely torturing me when my wife asked me to open a jar of jam without caring for a single bit that I was in the middle of battlefield, trying to diffuse a bomb while the terrorists was on Rush-B. The game can’t be paused. I repeat. The game can’t be paused. And if I do so, I’d be banned from the combat zone for several hours, sometimes even for days. That’s ghastly. My team needs me. They need someone to be called a noob. And they can’t anymore because of a jar of jam.

Similar occurrences sometimes happened during weddings I shot. I was in the height of my adrenaline rush, capturing love out of my couple that was dancing on a beach, drenched in the golden 5PM rays. Everything was perfect. We were very comfortable, the chemistry between us were beaming, and suddenly a delegate from a wedding planner they hired dragged the bride away to attend her second make up session. These rays only happens an hour a day. I repeat. These rays only happen an hour a day, and if you want me to capture dreamy pictures that are showcased in our website, it’s wise to consider the sun effectively in your wedding rundown.

I’m not in charge of your wedding rundown, but I could give a hint or two to make sure that your rundown wouldn’t discredit the position of the sun for too much, especially if your planner is not familiar with Bali wedding. A make up session during the golden hour is funny. Having an outdoor ceremony at 3PM is funny. I once shot this hilarious couple who demanded the Uluwatus breathtaking Indian Ocean view as the background of their family pictures, at 7:30PM. I laughed about that for two years. 

I didn’t laugh at Michael and Elisa’s wedding. In fact, I was ecstatic. Michael and Elisa reached me a month before her wedding day and asked me what could be done so I could do my job effectively. Over an afternoon coffee, we aligned our visions. They let me understand them better and that was definitely could help me bring the best of them through my photographs. 

Because of that little chat, in the morning of their wedding day, I got plenty of time exploring the friendship between Elisa and her bridesmaids. In the afternoon, the lovely newlyweds were dancing intimately until the golden rays faded. And I was able capture all the love without interruption. It felt like driving an Ariel Atom down a road that never bends, painting a garden where the flowers were never wilted, or being an Ace with 20 ping internet connection. Michael and Elisa’s wedding is definitely my dream wedding to shoot. 

You see, we are not hired to merely document a wedding day. We want to document the energy within. The sacred and the joyful vibe. The heart-warming and the graceful atmosphere. Because this energy is what would actually matter 10, 20 years from now. Not the royal invitations, not the luxurious flower arrangements. We are here to preserve these precious energy. And it’d be manageable to do so if the wedding rundown isn’t too funny, and if we are kind to one another. 

So yes, give me a chance to be as excited as you. Share me your trust that I could capture your vibe well. And finally, when the photos turn out great, you’d be happy, and I’d be happy. Which means my boss would be happy, which means my wife would also be happy. Which means I could continue to play Counter Strike undisturbed. 




Location : Bali

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