Teddy & Madeline

The Wedding by Aha

Teddy & Maddie flown all the way from Australia to Bali for the shoot. I didn’t want to disappoint them. The elegant theme, the dresses, the smart suit, everything we need was set. Still, I was very nervous. I was concerned about one thing: their chemistry, as chemistry makes the pictures. If I’m not mistaken, their age difference is 10 years far. I was afraid their gestures won’t click. 


But, I was totally wrong. Without directing them much, they’re already lovey dovey. I could see how much they love each other by the way they touch each other’s hands, look at each other’s eyes, and talk to each other. 


When I talk to them, I understand more of their relationship. Despite their differences, they don’t think any of them is better than the other. Their relationship is not about, “how old are you?” “oh, you are younger, you are not mature enough for me,” “the way you think is not the same with me.” They are very mature!


Teddy and Maddie showed me that differences are not a bad thing for relationship. Differences are like puzzle pieces, if we can accept them, understand them, and deal with them with love, every bit of them will complete each other. If their chemistry could talk, it would say, “There’s no you or me anymore. There’s only us and I love it.”


Thank you Teddy and Maddie for choosing me as your photographer. I learnt a lot from you. I hope you love the pictures as much as I love taking them!


Love you guys!




07 Jun 2017

Daniel & Careen

The Wedding by Adi

There is nothing more beautiful than

the rosey blush tinting the bride’s cheek, 

the elation curving the groom’s lips,

the kisses sealing the vows, and

the tears of blessings rivering from mom and dad


There is nothing more beautiful than a wedding

31 May 2017

Alvin & Felicia

The Wedding by Dre

Before any photo session, whether it’s a pre-wedding or a wedding, I make it a point to get to know my clients first to get our chemistry in sync. In Alvin and Felicia’s case, however, it was hardly necessary. The way they interact is so special and so heartwarming to watch. Conversations with them seemed to flow and I found myself really enjoying the stories they were telling me. The most memorable story they told was about how they met. 


Alvin and Felicia didn’t hit it off right away. They don’t even remember how they met for the first time. It was blurry, but they just know that they met through work. Their boss had assigned them to work together on a big project and that’s how the got to talking. After a while of getting to know each other, they felt that they were right for each other. Felicia could not explain why. She said, “We just feel it.” Then, Alvin introduced her to his parents, and one random day, out of the bue, Alvin felt it was time to ask to her to be his wife. Felicia said yes.


To capture their wedding day was a real treat for me. Seeing the pictures, I can feel their love and happiness. I imagined Alvin and Felicia smiling, going through the picture and reliving their wedding day, the day when they became one.





Photo courtesy of Alvin and Felicia

24 May 2017

Christian & Gabriella

The Wedding by Paulus

While talking about houses with the bride and groom, Chris and Gaby, we found out that we have almost the same idea on what makes a dream home. We have the same taste and we wanted our houses to be perfect. In fact, we even engaged with the same home designer. I loved how they made their home American style with a lot of natural light entering through the large windows. 


Have you ever talked to your partner about your dream home? Have you started to build it? I feel like building a home is similar to building a relationship. Even though you’ve got the perfect idea wrapped around your mind and you’ve engaged with the expert, still in the building process, you’ll encounter unexpected problems. You’ll miss something, you’ll find things that is not as you expected, you’ll have to force yourself to solve problems after problems after problems. But you’ll find that solving problems isn’t as easy as you think it would be. Because instead of being able to call the shots on your own, there are two people in the mix now. There are, at least, two different approaches on finding the solution. So, you’ll compromise and you’ll put aside your ego. You’ll argue. You’ll make up. You’ll see the problem more clearly. And you’ll learn to solve it faster. Isn’t that a lot like building a relationship? 


The funny thing is: our house designer missed the same thing. Yes, we’ve made a detailed plan. Yes, somewhere along the way, something unpredictable happened. That’s okay! We’ll adapt together. Although our home will not be as perfect as our initial dream, it will be a different kind of perfect: our version of perfect. It will be more fantastic. 




23 May 2017

Yoong Loong & Patricia

The Wedding by Ivan

They had glasses of champagne in the morning! I can’t remember shooting a wedding this festive. I’ve shot a lot of beautiful weddings, but Yoong Loong & Patricia’s wedding reminded me of why I shoot weddings at the first place. 


Most of the weddings are so huge that they must have cost an arm and a leg. However, the brides and the grooms usually forget to enjoy their own wedding. They kept asking what’s next, wanting their wedding day to be over soon.  


Yong Loong and Patricia had a small outdoor wedding in Oklahoma. The guests were very expressive. The only thing bigger than their laughter was the bride and the groom’s smiles. Everyone enjoyed the wedding.


Their wedding is how weddings are supposed to be. Weddings are not about the party, the dresses, and the makeup. Weddings are about having fun and collecting memorable moments with the people we love. Weddings are supposed to be one of the best days of our lives. 


A little wish for everyone who’s about to get married soon: have fun on your wedding.





19 May 2017

Giovanni & Audrey

The Wedding by Jan

When I was just someone who frequents wedding - as attendees, as friends or family of the bride or groom - before I worked in the wedding industry, I used to wonder why people thought that weddings were so stressful. Shouldn’t weddings be happy events that the couples would look forward to? Why were they - grooms especially - reluctant to go through the wedding process all over again? Shouldn’t the preparation period be the most memorable part of their wedding journey? 


Then I entered the wedding industry. And let’s just say that it didn’t take very long for me to understand exactly why Bridezillas came to be. When you’ve got once-in-a-lifetime looming over your head and when you think you’ve only got one chance to get it right, clearly the pressure is on. When you strive for perfection, the planning process becomes intense. However, since being in the wedding industry, I have learned two things to think about to take some pressure off in the wedding planning process. And I thought that I’d share that with you today. 


First of all, the wedding is just an event. Yes, it’s THE event. Yes, it’s once-in-a-lifetime. But it’s still just an event to celebrate something event more important: your marriage. When you focus on making your relationship stronger instead of thinking of ways to “wow” your friends and family at your wedding, you’ll find that nothing else is as important, or even more important, than enjoying the day that you are finally joined together as one. 


Secondly, hire good and trustworthy wedding vendors with whom you share a strong connection and chemistry. On the day of your wedding, you’d want to place your event - yes, that once-in-a-lifetime event - into their capable hands. From the very start, make sure you tell them what’s in your heart - your dreams and your expectations - so that they can make it happen for you on the day. Leave the event to your vendors, because on that day, you’d want to be kissing and hugging each other often, you’d want to laugh a lot and to enjoy every single moments of your very special day. 


So, my friends, if you’re in the midst of your wedding preparation journey, I hope that you’ll remember to wake up on the day of your wedding thinking to throw away any stress because that day is made for you to enjoy celebrating your love! 




12 May 2017

Eron & Wulan

Pre-Wedding and Wedding by Will

What if you skip most of your wedding preparations and arrived at the wedding day without knowing the complete detail about your own wedding? Sounds fun. You get to skip all the hassles! However, deep down, you’re worried your wedding won’t be like your dream wedding. 


This scenario actually happened with Eron and Wulan. Everything, from pre-wedding to their wedding day, is paid by Bridestory, but the couple totally had no idea about their wedding until the big day. Everything is taken care by the Bridestory and their handpicked vendors. The couple only gave the vendors a small moodboard and received a few seconds feedback. When the couple voiced their inputs, Wulan knew what she wanted and went for it. Eron let Wulan decide and cheered for her. 


Our team waited for a while to hear their feedbacks, but, until the feedback time’s up, we don’t hear anything from them. We were surprised! Usually, we discuss the photo idea together with the couple. This time, the idea came from us. Our concept was simple, but real. We’re a bit worried the couple won’t like the idea. Thankfully, the couple loves our idea! Even though everything was a surprise for them, they enjoyed every moment of it. All of their emotions in the photos were real. No fake smile. No fake laughter. Everything is 100% real. 


I am inspired by the couple’s way in handling unknown quantities in their wedding planning. They said clearly what they want without stressing over anything. They went along with the process, and most importantly, they had so much fun. 






Photo is courtesy of Eron and Wulan

10 May 2017

Michael & Elisa

The Wedding by Adi

It is immensely torturing me when my wife asked me to open a jar of jam without caring for a single bit that I was in the middle of battlefield, trying to diffuse a bomb while the terrorists was on Rush-B. The game can’t be paused. I repeat. The game can’t be paused. And if I do so, I’d be banned from the combat zone for several hours, sometimes even for days. That’s ghastly. My team needs me. They need someone to be called a noob. And they can’t anymore because of a jar of jam.

Similar occurrences sometimes happened during weddings I shot. I was in the height of my adrenaline rush, capturing love out of my couple that was dancing on a beach, drenched in the golden 5PM rays. Everything was perfect. We were very comfortable, the chemistry between us were beaming, and suddenly a delegate from a wedding planner they hired dragged the bride away to attend her second make up session. These rays only happens an hour a day. I repeat. These rays only happen an hour a day, and if you want me to capture dreamy pictures that are showcased in our website, it’s wise to consider the sun effectively in your wedding rundown.

I’m not in charge of your wedding rundown, but I could give a hint or two to make sure that your rundown wouldn’t discredit the position of the sun for too much, especially if your planner is not familiar with Bali wedding. A make up session during the golden hour is funny. Having an outdoor ceremony at 3PM is funny. I once shot this hilarious couple who demanded the Uluwatu’s breathtaking Indian Ocean view as the background of their family pictures, at 7:30PM. I laughed about that for two years. 

I didn’t laugh at Michael and Elisa’s wedding. In fact, I was ecstatic. Michael and Elisa reached me a month before her wedding day and asked me what could be done so I could do my job effectively. Over an afternoon coffee, we aligned our visions. They let me understand them better and that was definitely could help me bring the best of them through my photographs. 

Because of that little chat, in the morning of their wedding day, I got plenty of time exploring the friendship between Elisa and her bridesmaids. In the afternoon, the lovely newlyweds were dancing intimately until the golden rays faded. And I was able capture all the love without interruption. It felt like driving an Ariel Atom down a road that never bends, painting a garden where the flowers were never wilted, or being an Ace with 20 ping internet connection. Michael and Elisa's wedding is definitely my dream wedding to shoot. 

You see, we are not hired to merely document a wedding day. We want to document the energy within. The sacred and the joyful vibe. The heart-warming and the graceful atmosphere. Because this energy is what would actually matter 10, 20 years from now. Not the royal invitations, not the luxurious flower arrangements. We are here to preserve these precious energy. And it’d be manageable to do so if the wedding rundown isn’t too funny, and if we are kind to one another. 

So yes, give me a chance to be as excited as you. Share me your trust that I could capture your vibe well. And finally, when the photos turn out great, you’d be happy, and I’d be happy. Which means my boss would be happy, which means my wife would also be happy. Which means I could continue to play Counter Strike undisturbed. 



09 May 2017

Jodie & Gladys

The Wedding by David

What would you do if the whole city shut down at your wedding day? This actually happened on Jodie & Gladys’ wedding. Emotional demonstrators flooded the streets of Jakarta. Reading from Jakarta’s dark past, most of the citizens hid inside their homes, fearing a violent riot. 


Most of the brides I met during my entire 15 years career in wedding photography would panic. Usually, they are emotional and very particular on details. 


However, Gladys the bride shrugged and said, “Let’s make our wedding happen.” Everyone, especially the parents, couldn’t hide their worries. They suggested other safer alternatives, even the church offered to relocate the wedding. However, the bride and the groom settled on this decision: they wanted to still want to speak their vows at the Cathedral. 


That being said, we all stepped to the street and marched together to the Cathedral. When the bride and groom arrived, they had a laugh with their friends and took photos with the security guards, seemingly having a good time. After this incident, everything goes smoothly. 


Smooth sailing is not granted in relationships, no matter how much we want the sea and sky to be in the perfect weather. Guaranteed, we will be faced with unexpected tidal waves and hurricanes. 


I am amazed at Jodie and Gladys’ way in overcoming this challenge to make their wedding work. They are both very smart and mature--Gladys in her independent way; Jodie in his spontaneous way. They’d make a great team. Taking notes from them, we should learn to stay calm, not being passive, accepting things just the way it is. We should take a deep breath, brace ourselves to take the risk. Beneath it all, we should not forget to be a little playful, laugh a lot, and enjoy the rough ride. 


Jodie, Gladys, thank you for trusting me to capture your “unexpected” moments. Once again, congratulations for the wedding! It’s an honor to witness your joy and your beginning. Last by not least, thank you for the friendship. 





P.S. Anyway, I just got your gift and your note. Thank you! They’re lovely. I’m very touched by your kindness. 

04 May 2017

A New Life with You and My Career

Caca & Momo Wedding by Ivan

Deciding to have or not to have a wedding while you are on top of your career is a tough choice. Along my career journey as a photographer (and an entrepreneur), I have met a lot of people who are busy making masterpieces. Marriage is the last thing on their minds. Most of them are scared that marriage would interfere with their career. 


A few months ago, I met Nicola Reza (Caca) and Morina (Momo). Caca is an entrepreneur. Momo is the vocalist of a famous Indonesian band called Geisha. Both of them were (and still are) on the top of their careers. So, naturally, they met through work. They fell so hard for each other that the couple decided to take a leap outside their comfort zone. They got married! 


After tying the knot, Momo still sings for her concert crowds. Watching her perform, her fans would be happy that they still talk about her show in the following weeks. They would remember her as a one time big moment.


Now, her role is shifting from a full time performer to a part time performer and a full time wife. Her number one priority is supporting and making Caca, the person she loves the most happy. Her husband would remember her in ten thousand small moments, making his life ten times more amazing.


Taking the decision to move from single life to married life is not easy. It takes a lot of sacrifice and commitment. Your 100% won’t be about you anymore. Your 100% will be dedicated for your family. However, later, when you look back, you will see them smiling back at you. It would make you happier like the way my wife and daughters do. Like me and the couple, you will say, “It’s worth it.”






Photo is courtesy of Nicola Reza Samudra & Narova Morina Sinaga

29 Apr 2017
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