Sail away with me

Calvin & Dyanita by Ivan

Getting married is kind of like launching a new boat out to sea with two sailors who has no experience before. For these two sailors, it is with great anticipation and excitement that they set off on this brand new adventure. But these two sailors would be wise if they did not let themselves be overwhelmed by the feeling of delirious happiness that they abandoned the good preparation for smooth sailing ahead. They would be wise to prepare their gears, their oars, their sails, check that their masts are in good shape, and have their compass and telescope on hand. So when the soft wind that will be giving them the gentle ride on the waves turn vicious, or when the clear blue sky turns grey in a matter of hours as the fog begins to roll in, they would be ready to direct themselves towards the calmer shorelines. Sailing isn’t a dangerous sport – or so they say – but you need to be prepared. The same goes for marriage. 

We spent a day shooting Calvin and Dyanita’s pre-wedding portraits on a cruise ship that usually transports divers to dive sites. It was huge! And just for that day, it was all ours! I could totally see myself going around the world on one of those babies, Christopher Columbus style! That day didn’t feel like work at all… of course, it’s always such a pleasure to shoot a couple so deeply in love as these two.

I should really start thinking about that big boat… But for the moment, enjoy these series of these two sailors, who just embarked on their sail of a lifetime. Congrats, guys!




24 Sep 2012

Nature's Glory

Egi & Zita by David


We shot Egi and Zita’s pre-wedding portraits in Menjangan National Park, Bali. It’s a location often unheard of and I was beyond excited because it was my first time shooting there. New locations always send chills down my back from excitement. It promises the freedom to create new shots and not limiting myself because I’ve done it once before and it encourages the artistic part of me to create fresh shots time and again.

There’s nothing I love more than couples who knows what they want and don’t think twice about going after it. Egi and Zita are one of those couples. They are lovable and it’s easy to just fall completely in love with them, especially with the giggles and laughs they share between each other. They are relaxed and down to earth and  yet they can appeal so elegant and classy in every setting. Zita came prepared with dresses from the designer of her choice, and Egi willingly suited up, played his part, and showcased that hidden model look for the world to see.

We drove for about 3,5 hours from Bali airport to Menjangan. The drive was long but well worth it. The nature was glorious and of course, having a nice eco resort to stay at adds to the experience. This shoot is special to me in many ways… more than the exciting new location to shoot at, it was also the first time I ever shot with a large crew. Between the make up artist, the design team, the event organizer, the hotel staff, the food coordinator, the security guards, and the assistants, there were about twenty of us all together. It was quite a crowd. But to my surprise, we all worked so well together. We were well coordinated and everyone played their parts exceptionally well. Looking back at these photos, I know that I couldn’t have pulled these shoot off without their help. So, here’s to you, all the super helpful friends, for making this shoot a huge success!





Dresses by Marga Alam

Make up by Irwan 


22 Sep 2012

Camera Ready and In Love

Hendry & Salvia by Jan

I meet a lot of different kinds of people doing what I do at AXIOO. Some loves the camera and can appear naturally and effortlessly, while some are a little camera shy. It is often the case I meet couples where the bride-to-be is just so great in front of the camera, while the groom-to-be would much rather be behind the camera if he could. But that’s not the case for Hendry and Salvia. It was such a pleasure to shoot for these two who can appear so naturally and so in love throughout all the clicks.

Get this – actually, Salvia was the one rather reluctant to have her pre-wedding portraits taken while Hendry was keen on doing it. That was a first for me… and it made a whole lot of difference! Personally, I think that Hendry is great in front of the camera. He does great poses and can appear so natural. You’d think that camera-shy is not a part of his vocabulary. Or maybe it is, but he did it anyway, because he knows that the both of them will look back on this moment and appreciate it somewhere along their journey together. Now that’s what I call true love. He anticipated and she appreciated it. It was beautiful.

Hendry and Salvia just tied the knot earlier this month and the thousands of pictures that we took of them that day are being sorted and edited as we speak. So for now, I hope you enjoy these pre-wedding series of them. My absolute favorite is Superman on the roof. And I hope that Hendry will always be Salvia’s go-to-hero in life!



11 Sep 2012


Daniel & Anastasya by Jan

I’ve probably shared once before about how amazed I am to hear stories about how one meets his soul mate. It never ceases to amaze me just how their roads seemed to have been paved towards that certain someone they were meant to spend eternity with. Some probably had the time of their lives during their period together and some have been fortunate enough to have gone through a certain test that has proved their love to be stronger than they have ever thought before. But for me, an experienced being in terms of the finding of soul mates, I have realized that the most important in a relationship would be trust and commitment, and when we do meet that special someone, feelings come and go, but the trust and commitment is what will glue us together for a long time.

Daniel and Anastasya may be one of those couples that have gone through the rough patches earlier on in their relationship. They started dating and found themselves to be incompatible with each other. They called it quits a few months later. But out of a wacky impulse several months later, after losing touch, Daniel thought it would be nice to hear about how Anas was doing. That one phone call changed it all. They realized that after sometime apart, their hearts are still for each other. And so their story began again, on a new blank page, toward their story book of a lifetime. She trusts him and he is committed to her. Their story will last for eternity.

I had great fun shooting for these two people in love. They are both such social persons and made it easy to be around them. We almost covered the whole of Jakarta that day, visiting locations that matched our concept. But the most amazing part was not the motivation to do so, but that we didn’t experience any traffic jam at all that day! Now that’s only by the favor of God.

Daniel and Anastasya, congratulations again! May your journey be ever so sweet.



07 Sep 2012

Gentle Souls in Love

Han & Amelia

What a privilege it was for me to shoot for this sweet couple with an enormous heart. Not just for each other, but for everyone around them. Han is the conservative man, gentle and kind who won the heart of Surabaya’s own beauty, Amelia. More than beautiful, this woman is humble and loving and so much fun to be around. And San Francisco and Napa Valley provided the perfect backdrop for their pre-wedding portraits. California’s treasure trove of love in the wine country and the breezy city was a great place to capture the chemistry between these two gentle souls in love.

One funny experience I would keep with me for a long time would be on that day we spent at Napa Valley. Han and Amelia were being congratulated by everyone around them after the shoot in their wedding attires. And then shortly after, they caught sight of David and Victoria Beckham (yeah, newsflash… California’s wine country is romantic even more world-class celebrities!) Almost as if on reflex, both picked up their feet (and Amelia’s long train) to go after them! It was spontaneous and super fun (and not to mention hilarious!) to witness!

Anyway, these two sweethearts are amazing. And next week they will finally be tying the knot. I wish them all the lemonades to enjoy under the blazing sun and warm shelters during the storms that may pass. Congratulations Han and Amelia!

Be blessed,


05 Sep 2012

Come away with me

Ben & Susan

Ben and Susan have known each other since they were much younger but haven’t kept much in touch, until a friend reintroduced them again. They didn’t realize that they were both together sharing the same land down under at the time. They reconnected and started seeing each other intensively. The confident and bubbly young lady won the heart of the calm and quiet man, and I was lucky enough to cross paths with these remarkable people on their pre-wedding shoot.

We went back to Sydney and Melbourne to shoot their portraits and what a fun time we had! I’ve always loved to shoot there. The mix of the classic and modern era and the diversity of cultures found in Melbourne make it such a magnet for the romantics with a creative heart. And Sydney… there is a feeling hard to describe about being outside in Sydney. There are just so much colors that cover the urban and modern lifestyle of this vibrant city. But more than the beauty that lurks within these two Australian cities, they hold so much of Ben and Susan’s hearts and the memories of how their story began, and there is nowhere in the world better to shoot prewedding portraits than in the places that witnessed the start of their journey together.

This weekend Ben and Susan will be embarking on their journey of a lifetime. A lifetime of going where the winds takes them... hand in hand, together. During the times I spent with them, I was amazed at how attentive Susan was to Ben, and how caring Ben was to Susan. I can't imagine them going places with anyone else other than each other. Ben and Susan, you are more than great together, you complete each other... and I wish you all the happiness and joy that life may bring.



04 Sep 2012

Being in love

Korindo & Netty

Sometimes a person just gets lucky enough to shoot a pre-wedding portrait with Darth Vader in it, you know what I mean? And just in case you were wondering, Rindo and Netty actually collected all those empty beer cans. I assume being the beer enthusiasts that they are, they didn't have a problem coming up with so many for our shoot. Super!

Thanks for the fun during the shoot guys! Wishing you much happiness in the days to come.



03 Sep 2012

La Vie en Rose

Fuganto & Anita

The whole time I shot for this romantic couple, my mind was playing a soundtrack – La Vie en Rose by Edith Piaf. There is just something about these two that brings out the magic and elegance of Paris. And I really love how these pictures turned out!

I first met Fu and Anita in Jakarta during our first concept meeting to discuss their pre-wedding shoot and we hit it off right away. He is a sweet romantic who adores his bride-to-be with a passion, and she is the lovable princess who won his heart with her sweet smile. I love how sweet they are together, but more than that I love how they complete each other in every way. A few weeks later, we met again in Paris for their shoot, and I was awed by how great these two looked all dressed up. We shot mostly in Paris and Chambord, bringing out the elegance and grace in both of them, the air adding a certain lavishness and wealth that feels almost magical. And the whole time, Anita glowed… as if Fu had just given her the key to Paris. And I’m sure that he’d do just that for the woman he loves.

I’ve always loved to shoot in Paris. I think that no other cities in the world can stir up a romantic feeling like Paris. But more than its iconic places, I enjoy capturing the classiness that this city radiates and the dramatic backdrop it provides. And for two elegant people such as Fu and Anita, Paris just brings out their chemistry even more.

To Fu and Anita, congratulations! May your days be filled with all things wonderful!



29 Aug 2012

Beautiful Moments

Martin & Wenny by Jan

Anyone who works at Axioo knows how important Wenny is to all of us... aside from handling the office finances, she's also the one who adds balance into our accounts at the end of everyone. But that's not why we love her... she is a sweet person and more than that, she is caring. She pays attention to all of us at the Axioo house and we know that we got it great to have her around.

So we were over the moon to hear that she was getting married. I just met Martin a few days before the shoot and already we hit it off. He's a fun guy... although he seemed nervous at first, I soon learned that he's actually a nice guy. A very nice guy ... and Wenny is very lucky to have found him (especially when Martin is a much neater person than she is... a rare and interesting fact). Ha ha ha.

These pictures were taken a while back and Martin and Wenny have been married for a while now. But it would be such a shame if these images didn't see the light of day. And you know just how big we are in sharing the beautiful moments of someone so dear to our hearts. So, Martin and Wenny, here's to your happily ever after once again. Be good to each other on your journey through a lifetime. And Martin, we leave our girl in your good hands!

We love you both,


25 Aug 2012

A happy ending

Raymond & Deviana by Ivan

There are couples who have a less than ideal start to their journey. By less than ideal, I mean according to their own standard, not other people, that things didn’t pan out the way they’ve originally planned. Let’s blame it on fairy tales and culture that have shaped our minds into thinking that there is one way to begin a romantic journey, only one way to ensure a happy ending. And we are afraid to prove it otherwise, paralyzed by fear that we might not achieve the happy ending we’ve dreamed about. But on some rare occasions, some of us are excused from the burdens of choices by dramatic turn of events. We may then be unsure about how things will work out, because we didn’t plan that. But I believe that commitment has a strong hold on how things roll out after that. What happens down the road depend entirely up to us, and it’s a great feeling when we realize that we are in control of our own happy endings, no matter how the journey may have began. That is not up to chance.

This is a lesson that only some of us have had the privilege to live out. Raymond and Deviana may not have imagined being where they are today when they first met in 2006. But in 2009, he got down on one knee after a romantic dinner with a breathtaking view of the Sydney Opera House and asked for her hand in marriage. They didn’t have the wedding or pre-wedding portraits she’s dreamed about growing up, but as they stood in front of a minister who registered their marriage, Deviana believed that she is in good hands. Three years later, she stood on top of Snowy Mountains again, where she and Raymond shared their first kiss, for a post-wedding session with me, and her dream wedding reception finally took place last month. Nothing is ever too late!

Dreams have a funny way of coming true. It may not happen in the way they have imagined it to, but in the end, as they look around themselves to see the smiles on their spouses’ faces or the laughter of their child, they are astounded because they could not imagine themselves being anywhere but here. And this, my friends, is what a happy ending is about: making the choice to commit and taking control of your own destiny.

Congratulations once again Raymond and Deviana! Stay forever in love!



03 Aug 2012
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