Being in love

Korindo & Netty

Sometimes a person just gets lucky enough to shoot a pre-wedding portrait with Darth Vader in it, you know what I mean? And just in case you were wondering, Rindo and Netty actually collected all those empty beer cans. I assume being the beer enthusiasts that they are, they didn't have a problem coming up with so many for our shoot. Super!

Thanks for the fun during the shoot guys! Wishing you much happiness in the days to come.



03 Sep 2012

La Vie en Rose

Fuganto & Anita

The whole time I shot for this romantic couple, my mind was playing a soundtrack – La Vie en Rose by Edith Piaf. There is just something about these two that brings out the magic and elegance of Paris. And I really love how these pictures turned out!

I first met Fu and Anita in Jakarta during our first concept meeting to discuss their pre-wedding shoot and we hit it off right away. He is a sweet romantic who adores his bride-to-be with a passion, and she is the lovable princess who won his heart with her sweet smile. I love how sweet they are together, but more than that I love how they complete each other in every way. A few weeks later, we met again in Paris for their shoot, and I was awed by how great these two looked all dressed up. We shot mostly in Paris and Chambord, bringing out the elegance and grace in both of them, the air adding a certain lavishness and wealth that feels almost magical. And the whole time, Anita glowed… as if Fu had just given her the key to Paris. And I’m sure that he’d do just that for the woman he loves.

I’ve always loved to shoot in Paris. I think that no other cities in the world can stir up a romantic feeling like Paris. But more than its iconic places, I enjoy capturing the classiness that this city radiates and the dramatic backdrop it provides. And for two elegant people such as Fu and Anita, Paris just brings out their chemistry even more.

To Fu and Anita, congratulations! May your days be filled with all things wonderful!



29 Aug 2012

Beautiful Moments

Martin & Wenny by Jan

Anyone who works at Axioo knows how important Wenny is to all of us... aside from handling the office finances, she's also the one who adds balance into our accounts at the end of everyone. But that's not why we love her... she is a sweet person and more than that, she is caring. She pays attention to all of us at the Axioo house and we know that we got it great to have her around.

So we were over the moon to hear that she was getting married. I just met Martin a few days before the shoot and already we hit it off. He's a fun guy... although he seemed nervous at first, I soon learned that he's actually a nice guy. A very nice guy ... and Wenny is very lucky to have found him (especially when Martin is a much neater person than she is... a rare and interesting fact). Ha ha ha.

These pictures were taken a while back and Martin and Wenny have been married for a while now. But it would be such a shame if these images didn't see the light of day. And you know just how big we are in sharing the beautiful moments of someone so dear to our hearts. So, Martin and Wenny, here's to your happily ever after once again. Be good to each other on your journey through a lifetime. And Martin, we leave our girl in your good hands!

We love you both,


25 Aug 2012

A happy ending

Raymond & Deviana by Ivan

There are couples who have a less than ideal start to their journey. By less than ideal, I mean according to their own standard, not other people, that things didn’t pan out the way they’ve originally planned. Let’s blame it on fairy tales and culture that have shaped our minds into thinking that there is one way to begin a romantic journey, only one way to ensure a happy ending. And we are afraid to prove it otherwise, paralyzed by fear that we might not achieve the happy ending we’ve dreamed about. But on some rare occasions, some of us are excused from the burdens of choices by dramatic turn of events. We may then be unsure about how things will work out, because we didn’t plan that. But I believe that commitment has a strong hold on how things roll out after that. What happens down the road depend entirely up to us, and it’s a great feeling when we realize that we are in control of our own happy endings, no matter how the journey may have began. That is not up to chance.

This is a lesson that only some of us have had the privilege to live out. Raymond and Deviana may not have imagined being where they are today when they first met in 2006. But in 2009, he got down on one knee after a romantic dinner with a breathtaking view of the Sydney Opera House and asked for her hand in marriage. They didn’t have the wedding or pre-wedding portraits she’s dreamed about growing up, but as they stood in front of a minister who registered their marriage, Deviana believed that she is in good hands. Three years later, she stood on top of Snowy Mountains again, where she and Raymond shared their first kiss, for a post-wedding session with me, and her dream wedding reception finally took place last month. Nothing is ever too late!

Dreams have a funny way of coming true. It may not happen in the way they have imagined it to, but in the end, as they look around themselves to see the smiles on their spouses’ faces or the laughter of their child, they are astounded because they could not imagine themselves being anywhere but here. And this, my friends, is what a happy ending is about: making the choice to commit and taking control of your own destiny.

Congratulations once again Raymond and Deviana! Stay forever in love!



03 Aug 2012

Perfect Together

Yudi & Jane by Jan

My mother once told me that a man may have his type of an ideal woman but he must be open to the possibility of marrying someone entirely skewed away from the image he first had in mind. I never really understood what she meant there, but it was like a light switched on when I met Yudi and Jane. These two are so different from each other but are super sweet together they give me a toothache. They never fail to make me laugh when I’m around them. They bicker and argue over the most frivolous things, but it soon passes over loud laughter. He is the class clown, the joker, the mischievous one. And she’s the more serious and mature one. You’d think they wouldn’t last a day being in each other’s company, but on the contrary, they complete each other and are so much in love with each other that everyone who sees just how perfect they are together will be filled with smiles. I’m sure that Yudi and Jane had never thought they’d be tying the knot but being open to the possibilities, they finally found their true love. This for me is a valuable lesson. I’ll be keeping my eyes, ears and heart open wide from now on.

We shot their prewedding portraits at the Birdcage Café around Dharmawangsa area. The wood interior and the big windows just seem to enhance the chemistry they already had. That picture of them by the window is one of my all-time favorite! Don’t you just love couples who look really sweet together? I know I do!

Congratulations to Yudi and Jane who finally tied the knot last weekend! Pictures of their wedding are being compiled and sorted at this very moment. But for the mean time, I hope you enjoy these pictures of them!



31 Jul 2012


Reza & Lianny by David, Written by Kinsky

I met Lianny way back when we were just snotty little girls in Junior High School. She and I were always last to leave the school, not because we were the studious types, but because we were too caught up with basketball practice. Lianny may be small in size, but she is still the best playmaker I have met to date. Because of basketball practice, Lianny and I became really good friends. There were four of us in our exclusive little clique (or at least that is how we refer to ourselves). The four of us were inseparable, we hung out together, went everywhere together, until one by one the four of us became separated by distance during college years. We maintained contact, keep really close in touch, and we were always there for each other when one by one, each of us found our soulmates and got married. Lianny was the last one left. And so you can imagine the excitement we all felt when we received a message from her last year that she was getting married to her boyfriend of seven years! Finally!

Lianny and I have been through a lot together and we've always been there for each other through the thick and thin. I've also seen her in her past relationships, and it really doesn't take a genius to know that Reza is the perfect match for her! Although I rarely meet Reza, it is so easy to notice that he is head over heels in love with her and treats her like the Princess of his heart, just as she deserves.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said that "many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart." And that is how Lianny is to me. Distance will always stand in between us, but our hearts will always be intertwined by history. So, please allow me to once again congratulate the happy couple on their new journey in life. In one way, it's like letting go of a girlfriend into the big and scary new world... but on another, it's like welcoming her into a world that I have come to love over the past year. Welcome to the club, nek!

Much love,


27 Jul 2012

Romantic in Dubai

Owen & Evelyn by Dre

Guys, I’m sure that at one point of your life, you found a friend who has a really cute sister and you wondered what it would be like to date her. Well, in the case of Owen, he doesn’t have to wonder. In fact, he will be marrying his friend’s sister this weekend. So congratulations in advance to the happy couple!

Today I’d like to share with you some of the pictures we took of them during their pre-wedding photo shoot in Dubai. Yes, Dubai! It’s an exciting city, amazingly photogenic, and absolutely gorgeous from all angles. I was surprised when Owen and Evelyne chose Dubai for their destination version of “some place different and unique” and I was excited because I’ve never been there. It turns out that it was the first time for both Owen and Evelyn as well. We had a lot of fun visiting the usual tourist spots and shooting there. We were there during the summer time and the beauty of the city, its erratic mix of old and new, and its friendly and hospitable people successfully captured our attention to not give into the scorching heat of approximately 40 C degrees. It was hot!

The highlight of the trip has got to be the nerve-wrecking hummer ride to the dessert. We all had more than our share of adrenaline, a little too much for me. But for Owen and Evelyn, it was probably nothing compared to the adrenaline they are about to feel this weekend when they finally tie the knot! Adrenaline in a good way. In an over-the-moon, winning-the-world-series kind of thing. And I wish you both all the happiness in the world. Congratulations again!



25 Jul 2012

Oriental Elegance

Adrian & Viallyn by David

There is something in Viallyn that makes capturing her so addictive. She exudes sophistication and elegance effortlessly, as if every move is telling a story, making every expression a perfect moment.

We put a lot of concept choices on the table and attempted at several different ideas but clearly, classic and oriental is what suits these two elegant people most. Her dresses were graceful, her smile was exquisite, and all the while we were capturing the moments, Adrian looked at his wife-to-be with a look still unbelieving that this beautiful woman will be spending the rest of her life with him.

We were on a roll, shooting for these two. I simply couldn’t get enough! There was a moment where Viallyn almost fainted because we were having doing so much that she skipped lunch (big oops on my part!) but after a bottle of TehBotol and Pocari Sweat, we were back to capturing healthy doses of romance once again.

I love how these images turn out, and I hope Adrian and Viallyn enjoy these too! All were shot in Gedung Arsip, Jakarta. That makes me even more convinced that we don’t have to go far to get great shots because sometimes the best places are hidden in our own little city!



21 Jul 2012

Our own little Island

Christian & Melvina by Ivan

If you have been married for over year, you would know what I mean when I say that marriage is kind of like living on your own little island. When I left my family to be united with the woman I love, it kind of felt like we just sailed off into the vast ocean in search for a place to call our own, where we could build a home and started our own little clan. Sometimes being on the island is filled with worry, wondering if anyone would come and rescue us when the waves come rolling in, only to learn soon enough that the island is a peaceful and quiet shelter from the restless tides. But on the brighter days when the sun is shining strongly in the clear blue skies, the island is a relaxing haven away from the stresses of daily life, where we can explore the adventures that are waiting to be discovered. The island can be whatever we want it to be, as long as we work hard to make it the nice place it is intended to be. That way, my wife and I never felt like castaways even though we have been adrift for so long. We have actually found ourselves a home.

Alright! That’s enough figuratively speaking for one day. Moving on to Christian and Melvina… this is a shoot that I absolutely loved! I love the concept, I love the colours, I love the place and I love this couple! Shooting two people in love is a wonderful experience… but shooting for two people in love in a beautiful place? That experience was nothing short of awesome! Christian and Melvina are two beach lovers with the heart for the ocean and to capture their love under the clear blue sky in the midst of the vast ocean is what simply perfect looks like!

Congratulations Christian and Melvina! Here’s to a peaceful life on your own little island called marriage!



Location: Kepulauan Maratua, Kab. Berau, Kalimantan Timur.

18 Jul 2012

Aurelia & Robert in SF

We've been wanting to post a few more couples we shot during our last US trip. Here comes the first part of Aurelia & Robert portraits in San Francisco...We're excited to shoot them again in Chicago this coming end of May. But for now, enjoy our first installment of their pre-wedding portraits.

30 Mar 2009
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