Sweet Escape Honeymoon Travel Fair

What is a honeymoon? It is a once-in-lifetime experience that a newly-wed couple shares to celebrate their marriage which they can cherish for the rest of their journey. However, only 1 out 4 couples get their dream honeymoon, and the other 3 live to regret never going. 

SweetEscape wants to encourage couples to beat the statistics and to go on their dream honeymoon because everyone deserves a memorable honeymoon experience.

Last week, SweetEscape hosted the very first SweetEscape Honeymoon Travel Fair in the MainAtrium and Mainstreet of Gandaria City, Jakarta, in conjunction with the Bridestory Fair that also went on during that week. This collaboration was meant to enable engaged couples to arrange their wedding planning and to arrange their honeymoon plans all at the same time. 

23 Feb 2017

A Simple Thought On Valentine’s

Nico & Anita by Adi

Time flies and we’re days away from Valentine’s. 

Many of us know that it’s the global celebration of love where people get busy to show how much they love their dearest ones. Some choose to do the simple things they rarely do on a regular day, like sending bouquets of flowers or boxes of chocolates with a meaningful love note, to doing the big things like preparing candle light dinner or even the big surprise with a huge teddy bear. From a simple gift into unpredictable surprise, what is the best way to say “I love you”? What is the best gift for your special one?

Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift is never easy. No matter how well you know your loved ones, it always feels like there’s nothing they really need, or that whatever you find won’t be perfect for them. However, we believe that the most valuable presents don’t come from the store. It comes from the heart and it is offered as a reflection of the care and appreciation for their presence. The best Valentine’s gift is not only about expensive and branded things, or either a ritual valentine gift like chocolate or flowers, but it can be some things we take for granted - like compliments or time.

14 Feb 2017

What Birthdays Mean To Me

Kumiko Beauty Portraits by Fen

What does a birthday mean to you? To me, a birthday isn’t just about  being surprised by our loved ones with a party. It isn’t about having a table full of cakes and pretty decoration on it or an occasion to be ridiculously spoiled rotted and showered with gifts. Instead a birthday is about looking back with gratitude for the incredible blessings we have received for a whole year and about looking forward with renewed hope. It is about celebrating a new chance to be slightly more wiser and a lot more awesome. 

Birthdays are great opportunities to re-think our lives. Are we living in a messy book with random chapters and inconsistent pages? Then it’s the time to be the book we’ve always wanted to read. Are we stumped with our growth, like a plant with not enough water? Then we need to move. We aren’t plants anyway, we can always go out to stand under the rain. Start fresh. Be the best version of yourself. Be more accepting and understanding. Be more tolerant. Be more caring and loving.

Be more thankful. 

21 Jan 2017

AXIOO Christmas Party 2016

Written by David

As I took out my book to scribble down the notes I had in preparation for this post and as I began to jot down the things that I wanted to say with regards to our #axioochristmas2016 (which was extremely epic, I must say), it dawned on me that I have actually lost count on how many posts I have written on the subject of our annual year-end parties. Although I can say for sure that each one have been memorable in their own special way and I have looked forward to every one of them with great excitement, I cannot remember exactly just how many parties we have hosted. 

That realization has left me overwhelmed with gratitude. I am just so thankful that our humble beginning has lasted thus far, has grown thus large, and has been rewarding beyond our wildest imagination. I can say for sure that I did not see all this coming when I decided to turn my hobby into a living more than a decade ago and I am grateful for the One who allowed this to happen. 

I had wanted to give myself a chance to be a little retrospective this time, to compile a list of the things that I have done or had gone through, to highlight the things that have worked or did not work and to learn from them. However, upon being overwhelmed with gratitude, everything evaporated. It was never about me. It was never about the things that I did. It has about Him. And it was about the team that He had given me the privilege to work with day in and day out.

05 Jan 2017

True Friends

Hian Tjen & Friends by Winson

When you list your gratitude, what are you most grateful for? For victories? For moments that put a smile on your face? For family? How financial breakthrough?  Among the endless possibilities of the things to be grateful for, are your friends in it?  The people who are always there for when you need them and more importantly, even when you don’t. The one who always ready to wipe your tears, makes you warm and make you stop thinking about the fears of tomorrow. The ones who listens to your stories without judgements. The one who doesn’t have to call or text you every day, telling how much they care, because their effort and actions have already shown you that. The one who always believe in you, support you, even you are doubting yourself.The one who doesn’t only love you because of what’s right with you, but they love you for who you are.  They know your blinds spot, your flaws, your weaknesses, your scars and all. But, they always encourage you to be the best person that you can be while still understanding your fragility as a human. They are not afraid to tell you what they think, even if it hurts. Because they love you. They never give up on you. When you looking back to the journey you have passed, I hope that you will reminded of some of your closest friends that always there for you. Be thankful for each one of them and keep being a good friend.  This photo session was requested by Hian Tjen, a talented designer and a great friend, as a token of gratitude for the ones that are always there for him - his friends. It’s a picture of his happiness in one frame. Friendship has always helped him to find important things when he has lost them: smile, hope, courage.  
 Love, Winson

21 Dec 2016

Furry Friends

Introducing Pet Photography

“Christmas joy and light aglow. Christmas songs to warm and cheer. Excitement is on these creatures faces, anticipating Christmas!” 

A dog is a man’s best friend and that’s the truth! Although not every dog is friendly by nature, we often hear stories about dogs. Inspiring stories surrounding rescue from fire or reunions. Dogs have been long used as a seeing-eye for the visually impaired and are now used in therapy for Alzheimer’s disease and in clinical settings as comfort for the terminally ill. Scientifically, dogs do help us. But to me, personally, dogs always make me feel so much love and admiration for our Creator. Every time I look at my dogs, I think, “Our God is so creative!” 

I learned so much from my dogs. Each one of them have taught me one or two important lessons in life. From Woofy, my oldest dog, especially, I learned about loyalty and respect. She taught us to love extravagantly, care deeply, forgive quickly and live simply. We provide her with food and we put a roof over her head, in return her gratitude is displayed by a fierce and matchless loyalty to our family. I imagine if people can love each other the way she loves us, the world can easily be heaven.

20 Dec 2016

A Woman's Confidence

Denny Beauty Portrait by Fen

”Confident women are changing the world.”

Without confidence, we can have all kinds of ideas about how we want the world to be, but we will never be able to execute them. Thought to action. That is what confidence does. So if we don’t work on our own sense of self-confidence, it’s going to be difficult for us to make progress on much of anything.

Women can be the answer to so many of the world’s problems.

07 Dec 2016

Don’t Worry

Portraits of Elxi & Caroline by Winson for Dewi Magazine

Do you worry a lot? Most of us do. We experience anxiety in many forms throughout the course of our daily lives. We worry about the future, or about not getting to your next meeting on time because of traffic, or about what people think of you, or even with questions that randomly pop up in your head, such as "Is it possible to find the man I love?” or “Am I ever going to get married?” Even when we’ve found the person we want to spend the rest of our lives with, we worry about wedding planning and we think, “Can we get past this?” Not to mention all the “What ifs” we need to get sorted out.

Worrying doesn’t empty tomorrow of its sorrow; instead it robs today of its strength. Entertaining the what-ifs in your life is the first step to being overtaken with worry. 

Let me tell you what worrying means. To worry means taking responsibility for things you were never intended to handle. To worry means you’re lacking of trust in the Creator of the universe. To worry means you’re saying that you’re on top of the situation even when it’s too big for you. The list of things to worry about - if you choose to worry - is endless. We obsess, we stress, we have anxiety over things that are just wasted thoughts that imprisons us. Worry puts us in cages of anxiety. 

15 Nov 2016

A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way

Axioo Bali Outing 2016

Every outing, we tell our team, that we may have fun shopping or cafe hopping during personal holiday trips, but when on company expenses, we must step out of our comfort zones and go somewhere that will expand our minds. Tibet. Morocco. Cuba. Those are the dream trips. But while we are on our way to figuring out the dream budgeting solution, we knocked on our neighbour’s door: West Flores.

An astonishing 1,733 km2 archipelago, home to more than 4,000 of the legendary Komodo dragons. Scattered above the water are rusty-red hilly savannah, and the underwater is made up of healthy coral reefs and seagrass beds. A thousand years ago, Portuguese explorers and Chinese traders forged their path through raging torrents only to be enchanted by this alluring territory. Three years ago, Gwyneth Paltrow spent a week on a wooden boat here and claimed everything magical.

05 Nov 2016

Facing the Future

Mellisa Portraits by Fen

“This is the day!” I used to tell myself every time I click on the shutters of my camera in the beginning of a photo shoot. “This will be the day I create a masterpiece,” I used to say.

I might just be trying to flood the day with positivity or to psyche myself into confidence, but sometimes (most of the time actually), the result of the photo shoot wasn’t like how I pictured it in my mind before it all began. Sometimes it disappointed me, sometimes it surprised me, but it always begged the question: is this a masterpiece?

Recently, I found a way to break that by looking at “creating” from another point of view, and that is from the Muse I had in my studio that day. She’s always been my inspiration. And I have discovered that when I focussed on the subject than on the ambition to make masterpieces, the ideas just kept on coming. 

24 Oct 2016
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