My Number One Man

Daddy Christian & son Arjuna portraits by Ave

Many people said that artists are snobbish in real life, very different than their TV personality. That’s not the case for Christian Sugiono. Christian is not just some other good looking guy I normally see on TV, he’s a great dad.


He’s friendly and he’s supportive, especially with his son Arjuna. I could really see it from the way he communicate with his son. He lighted Arjuna up! He cheered for his son. He praised his son, saying things like good job and you did great.  


Seeing how Christian lifts his son up reminds me of my own dad. Ever since I was a little girl, I could always feel his love and support for me. He never says I love you. But he always speaks his love through his actions. For example, when he’s in Jakarta, he wakes up early to make me breakfast. Sometimes, words just can't describe how you love someone right?


My dad’s not just my hero, he's my number one man. 


By the way, today is Father’s Day! 

Let’s not forget to spend time with our dads.







Photo is courtesy of dad Christian Sugiono and son Arjuna Zayan Sugiono.