Damsels in distress are almost extinct. There are only very few left in this world. Despite how much men wants to rescue them and how they dream about the romance involved in being rescued, women these days are very well capable of taking care of themselves. They hardly need any rescuing. Interestingly, as women become stronger and more empowered, men have changed too, like as though there’s a new breed of supermen. A super man for the super girls is different than the kind of Superman we all grew up with. Instead of physical strength, the new kind of superman possess inner strength, intelligence, and a huge heart. 


I don’t have the statistics, but I felt as though my thoughts were confirmed when I watched Mike and Nikita. I work with Nikita, so I know - first hand - just what a supergirl she is. She’s a natural born leader who solves problems left and right with lightning speed. Put anything in Nikita’s hands and you can rest assured that she’s got it handled. She’s a dominant person who takes charge, not only just at work, but in every area of her life. It’s who she is. I imagine that men would find her intimidating. I imagine that before they even begin to come close, they’d be reluctant to even try to make her submit to their leadership. Because, pshh… Men. Their ego can really get in the way sometimes, can’t it? But I imagined wrong. Because with the rise of strong and dominant women who knows what they want and who can come off like they don’t need a man to take of them, there is a new breed of (even) strong(er) men. These men are those with huge hearts, who are humble and patient, who are generally easily content with life, who possess inner strength, and most of all, the innate ability to be completely CHILL, no matter what situation he finds himself in. This is Mike. Mike is the perfect example of the new breed of (even) strong(er) men I am talking about. As I watch the interaction between Mike and Nikita, their dynamics and their chemistry, I can see just how perfect they are for each other. They take care of each other. They complete each other. They are just perfect together. He’s the super man for a supergirl such as she. 


Mike and Nikita, I wish you all the happiness in your new adventure together. I’m sorry I can’t be there (and believe me, I feel terrible about this!) but I will be praying for you. Have a wonderful wedding weekend!