It starts with you

Dhani & Florence by Ivan

“I don’t like his attitude. Why does he always come home late? Doesn’t he care about me or his family?” / “She is annoying. Every time we fight, she always yells in my ear. It makes me sick. She’s Ms. Right who always has to be the winner of every argument. It’s so tiring!”

How many times you found yourself complaining about your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband? How much energy have you wasted by trying to change them? Do you benefit from complaining or saying all those negative words? No? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Complaining will get us nowhere! Ad you might be forgetting the fact that none of us are perfect. Not your partner. Not your husband. Not your wife. Or even anyone else. We can’t change anyone but ourselves. And every change should start with us. Not only is it impossible to change anyone else, it isn’t healthy either, even if you think that those changes will be the best thing that would have ever happen to them. 

Love is giving, right? So give a positive atmosphere to your relationship. Change your mindset, change your heart, change yourself. 

You can’t ask others to speak softly when you’re always yelling. You can’t force others not to hurt you when all you do is think negatively about them. Stop that and start winning them over. Try doing it without even using your words. Pray for them. Watch how you act around them. Live purely and allow God to work in their lives - and in yours. Don’t wait for them to change, but be the change you want to see. It all starts with you.

Sometimes your circumstances doesn’t change and neither does your partner. But what if God doesn’t change you both because He wants to change you first? Don’t ever give up, change your mindset and be the first to make that change.