Better Than Love At First Sight

Leon & Jess by Aha

I love to travel. But at the same time, I understand the importance of having a home base where I can feel completely at easy and comfortable enough to be free and rest. A home is a place to hide, recover, and to escape from the outside world. And I really found that home in Bali, the place where I live now. It’s a place where I’m able to balance a crowded mind with a quiet atmosphere. However, everything is about to change… for I have moved out from Paradise Island to the Indonesian version of the city that never sleeps, Jakarta. Although this past week have been rather difficult for me, I know that life begins at the end of my comfort zone, and I am actually really excited about starting a new adventure in the city. Life is a progress and we all need to move forward, one step at a time. So, bring it on 2017!

Now let’s talk about Leon and Jess. Actually, the bride was no stranger to me. I knew her from our days working together in AXIOO. There is something special about this girl. You can’t meet her and not love her. She is as beautiful as she is kind and humble. She definitely has a cheerful heart that can fill the room with positive vibes. Every time I met her, she always smiling and that’s enough for me to know know that Jesslyn is a really nice person. Her husband, Leon, is just as nice. He told me a lot about their love stories - how she made him fall in love and how they let it bloom so nicely and beautifully through time. Their story was an inspiring one… and that is why I was so honored when they chose me to shoot their prewedding portraits.

The story between Leon and Jess didn’t started with a love from the first sight at junior high school, but when best friend’s feeling become a lovers. Leon has always been in love with Jess. And he make sure that whenever Jesslyn need something, he will be there for her, even still when they were still “just friends”. He stayed close and never gave up. After about nine years of being “just friends” they finally realized that no matter where they’ve been and who they’ve met, they always came back to each other. See? Love always finds their way if you never stop believing. 

I heard a lot about having consistence and persistence in loving someone, but I’ve never seen it with my own eyes - that is, until I met Leon and Jess. Nine years of friendship only to realize that nothing is better than falling in love with your best friend. That’s better than love at first sight. What could be a more inspiring story than that?


Big love for you guys,