What is Christmas all about?

Billy & Hanna Family Portraits by Ave

It's the most wonderful time, and busiest time, of the year! There are gifts to be wrapped, trees to be decorated, parties to be hosted and tables to be set. But, wait... is that what Christmas is really about? There's nothing wrong with celebrating your Christmas with a lot of agenda but why should this joyful season of celebration becomes a stressful season full of unrealistic expectations and commercialism? Year by year, we forget to sit and reflect what Christmas is all about. 

If we took the time to think about Christmas spirit, there is a calling to pause, reflect, rest and stand in awe of the One it’s all for. And if we take time to listen, we still can hear His small voice telling us what it’s all about. Christmas is far more than just pretty presents under a tree, it’s about His presence that never leaves us alone. At the same time Christmas is all about giving. Not only give the material things, but give our love without any expectation of receiving anything back in return. Christmas is not just about decorating your spaces with sparkling ornament but the most important things is to decorate your heart and make it pure without flaws. 

Year after year, the message is still the same for us. Christmas is a celebration of love, joy and peace. No matter how difficult, no matter if we have not received them from others, no matter what’s going on around you, still that’s the greatest gifts we can ever give. As you celebrate Christmas this year with your loved ones, takes time to reflect on the miracle happens when The King came to us in the humblest of ways to make a way for us to come to Him. Let’s bring back the Christmas spirit to every door and the real meaning of Christmas to every heart.