Sumba, 2016. We were several islands closer to the sun’s nest, and life here is getting closer to surreal. This is an island where Sandalwood ponies roam through hills and graze under dwarf Sandalwood trees. Wooden houses are built without any sort of adhering tools, and school children picnic in the middle of interstates.

I still wonder, though, why would they take a nap, play guitar, and enjoy lunch in the middle of the road? Any logical answer is irrelevant because they would also ride those wild ponies, without saddles, and toddlers would also enjoy miles of afternoon walk in bare feet, alone. I was so worried about the toddler but locals said that it’s simply their way of enjoying life.   

Nothing makes sense here because it’s been unexplored by the Ministry of Tourism, or in the other words, capitalism.  I went to this turquoise beach where fluffy white sand resembling baby powder stretches as far as eyes can see. Its coastline is adorned with ornate seashells and school of fish that are cheerfully jumping against the gentle waves. Yet no commercial entity of any sort was in sight. Sweet dreams are made of this beach. Urban legend has it that Nicholas Saputra once jogged fully naked along this beach. 

This kind of place, is where you want to travel to if you want to learn how beauty doesn’t always have to make sense. 

I understand that I would never be the first in this company to go anywhere for a photo shoot, including to Sumba. But I believe I’m the first to get addicted to Sumba and have been constantly alluring pre-wedding clients to go there. I gave a big hug to Kenneth and Caroline for buying me my first plane ticket to Sumba several months ago, and from now on, please expect more albums taken in this photogenic island.