Beautiful inside out

Selina's Beauty Portraits by Fen

It’s no secret that girls usually are the busiest when it comes to wedding planning. That’s why we often hear of Bridezillas (of course with a few exceptions, because while Groomzillas may be rare, they do exist. Believe me, I’ve seen a few.) In the course of planning a wedding, a bride to be goes through an intense period of time. There are dresses to choose, flowers to pick, menus to be set, guest list to be confirmed, details to be designed…  There are a lot of things to be done. And that’s why it is not so uncommon for even the sweetest girl to turn into the scariest during that time.

I’ve seen my share of Bridezillas doing what I do, and I find them the sweetest of all things. They aren’t scary, they are caring creatures. That’s why they take it upon themselves to do the best that they can, sometimes pushing themselves past their limits. They put pressure on themselves, just because their day is so important to them. Of course, it would be wonderful to go through wedding planning without all the hassle, but come on, where is the fun in that? The single most important day of their lives has to be decorated with careful details, with intense preparation, with heart. And that’s why Bridezillas are the most adorable of them all. (Well, in my opinion anyway. If you ask the groom, he might have an entirely different take on that.

Today I just want to take the time to gently remind all the brides to be out there, that while all those preparations may be important, nothing is more important than preparing your heart, your mind, and your soul for the next chapters of your life with the man of your choice. Take bible classes or couple classes, read books on relationships, do all that you can to get to know your future spouse better. One thing that I found extremely helpful in my relationship with David is the discovery of Love Language. While some of us can understand a little of everything, there is a possibility that we fluently speak different languages of love to our future spouse. Some of us express and feel love by giving and receiving gifts, some of us by words, or physical touch, or quality time, or even acts of services. You can visit Dr. Gary Chapman’s site on Love Language and take the test. You’d be surprised to find out the result. Sometimes we focus so much on what makes us happy and what makes us feel loved, that we forget to find out what makes our future husbands happy and loved. It’s a great tool. If you haven’t done that already, brides to be, maybe you can do that with your future husbands this weekend.

As the big day draws near, the preparation becomes more intense. I’m sure you’ve done the bigger portions of it and so maybe it’s time to channel out the “external” details to family or friends and take the time to focus on organizing the “internal” details that only you and your future husbands can do. Then you’d be beautiful inside and out on your big day!

With lots of love,