William & Putri

The Wedding by Jan
On work-weekends, I would wake up even before sunrise and as if to a snap of the fingers, I would get myself ready to standby at a bride’s house on her big day. I always know that it is going to be a special day. My heavy eyelids would never be a match for my high hopes, light heart and soaring spirit. And as I approach the door, I’d hear the laughter of the bride and the chirpiness of her family and friends fill the whole house with happiness. It’s a beautiful day to get married. Truth be told, I truly enjoy this kind of mornings. To wake up knowing that I’d be witnessing love is not bad at all. But the best part is, to know that I’d go to bed that night, knowing *this* much more about love.

When a couple speaks their vows to each other, my fingers would click away as I hang on to every word they say. Words that come out of love songs. Words that I sometimes only have heard about, but never felt. Words like Forever. But when they say it, I believe them. When they say it, it is real. I don’t really know how and where these two people in love found each other, but when I look at them, I know that they are meant to be, like they were destined for each other. And I’ll tell you a secret – I can’t wait to find out for myself what it’s really like! (Ha!)

William and Putri taught me that much about love. They are each other’s destiny. And I’m sure everyone who sees them can tell. Congratulations again on your wedding!