Travis & Katheryn

The Wedding by Adi

Weddings come in many sizes. I remember finding myself in the middle of 6000-ish guests, within a glamorous decoration and overflowing dinner. Once there was also a much smaller scale wedding, held in the couple's simple house, attended only by the core family members and closest friends.

Never before in my life I had covered a wedding attended by no one but the couple. Simply put, a wedding without guests. This type of wedding might occurs in Bali or other part of the world on daily basis, but please pardon my lack of experiences in this case, this was my first. Yet I managed to put a poker face when Travis and Katheryn informed me about the number of invitations sent, before I nonchalantly nodded off and smiled.

Inside, I was very nervous. Way more nervous than being given the duty to make those distinguished people at the VVIP table to draw big grins on their face when I took their pictures. What should I shoot when there are no speech from the best man, no emotional tears from parents' eyes, no wedding cake, no bridesmaid, no balloons, no fireworks... and they gave me a whole day for this.

It turned out, scrapping off those wedding rituals, left both Travis and Katheryn with ultra intimacy and romance. Never before I saw a wedding couple so focused on each others. This exclusivity made the love surrounding them are almost visible to the bare eyes. Which, gave me the same awesome feeling as being able to see the majestic Milky Way in the night sky from a remote mountain far away from distracting city lights. I was surprised on how personal it had become. I was seduced by the genuine laughter they shared all day long. And as I went home, I was overwhelmingly pleased with the result of the coverage.

Proudly present to you, the love of Travis and Katheryn.