Childhood Memories

Yohannes & Manda by Jan

Let me tell you something. I love concept meetings. Apart from the actual photo session itself, meeting new clients and brainstorming about how their photos are going to be like is a favorite part of my job. I love to hear stories about their dream wedding, their imaginations, but best of all, how they fell in love. It inspires me.

At concept meetings, we cook up their photo session – what’s it going to be like, how they want it to be like, where we want to go, etcetera, etcetera. The inspiration can come from anywhere and the possibilities are endless. My ultimate favorite, and one that I would always suggest first, would be to go back to the place where they first fell in love and relive the memories that were made there. That’s going to be unique for sure, because no two love stories are ever exactly the same. But of course, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, so I would suggest something else. Another favorite of mine: childhood memories. Everyone must have something from the past that clung on to them. A favorite pastime, a dream, anything. Something that makes them who they are today or something they still want to be. Something that they still hold dear. And it’s never the same for everyone. We ask questions, we dig deep, and we discover “that something” to insert in their series of pictures to make it uniquely them.

These series of pictures of Yohannes and Manda have one of those childhood memories. Can you guess which comic Yohannes grew up reading?