"Always & Forever" "I do."

"Thank you for being there."

"Never give up."

These words are not strange to our ears. In fact, we hear them so often that sometimes their meanings are lost to us. But during important moments such as weddings, these words carry weight. Their meaning echoes through the atmostphere, piercing hearts, making happy tears flow. Small words that carry a promise of a lifetime. Small words that change lives.

I hope these words aren't said only in the heat of the moment but is remembered and repeated often throughout their journey. And that over the years, they will no longer be just words... but truth.

I had a great time capturing the intimate union of Adrian and Wansin. Their cheerful expressions gave color to the day and made Bali look even more beautiful. Their love story will be one I will remember for a long time. A reminder to never give up on love. Adrian has caught Wansin's eye since he was but an eleven year old boy. Though they were separated by distance for more than twenty years, the path of true love was certain to lead them back to each other.

Here is a preview of their beautiful day.


Garry V.