Love, Sweet Love

Hendra & Angela by Paulus

If there is one thing I remember most about this lovable couple, it's "Ping, Mama tui senk ha" which is "Medanese" for "Ping, Mama's gonna go". Angela said this to me after every meeting and I found it simply hilarious! She is a chatty, caring woman, and she is covered with all sorts of motherly nature. She calls them as she sees them, straight forward and to the point. And I found that a charming side of her. Hendra on the other hand is the fun and witty one. He brings all the playfulness into the relationship, and the chemistry they have is what makes them such a joy to shoot for.

Hendra works at Cititrans, a shuttle bus service. Angela was a passenger of one of the shuttle bus en route from Jakarta to Bandung. The bus broke down somewhere along the way and she just won't hear of it. She called the company and gave them her thoughts on buses breaking down in highways and a thing or two about service. Hendra was sent to do some "service recovery" and it was love at first sight. The story continues. Isn't that sweet?

Congratulations again to this sweet loving couple.