When describing a piece of our work, most of the time we'd describe them from our point of view. How we felt on that day, what we saw and feel and what memories we left behind on that special day with that special couple. However, once in a while we got lucky and find a bride who volunteers to write for us.What better way than to have a first hand description and thoughts of the special day from the bride herself?

In this wedding that we shot in Paris, we are honored to have Serafin, the bride herself to write for this post. And here it is:

I was out of words throughout my wedding party. Therefore I am so delighted to be given the opportunity to say a few words here. To be blunt, I was physically and emotionally overwhelmed that weekend. Since Aldwin and I landed in Paris a week before our wedding date, we hardly got any rest. I am pretty sure my eyes were only half-opened on my wedding day because I remember our photographer, David, continuously screaming “Sera! Eyes!” between every click and flash from his camera.

I wished I had the clarity to express this during the reception, but apparently it took some time, distance, and a lot of recovery sleep first. Looking back, I feel so incredibly blessed and endlessly grateful for the trying wedding planning phase because it simply revealed the truths in my life.

1. No matter what happens, no matter how difficult it gets, Aldwin will stand by me and fight alongside me till the storm subsides. He is strong for me when I am weak, he rescues me when I am falling, and he stays with me through the dark silences. I love you deeply, darling, and I strive everyday to be a worthy ‘ezer kenegdo’.

2. We have a loving God who answers prayers, even if that prayer is about the weather. Not only did the rain come uninvited to my outdoor ceremony, it brought its friend the wind and together they knocked out my wedding gazebo and several large vases. But by the time we said ‘Amen’ to the opening prayer, the sun was out.

3. The unceasing love and generosity of our parents continues to amaze me. They let us ‘elope’ and freed us from the traditional Jakarta ballroom wedding. It is thanks to them that our dream wedding was enormously upgraded and realized.

4. Aldwin and I are surrounded by awesomeness. We did not have to actually elope to Paris because ninety-five loved ones flew their awesome bums to Paris to witness our union and celebrate with us (this includes you, Axioo team!). Additionally, the bridesmaids created handmade hula skirts and invented the first-ever gummy bear bra, while the groomsmen convinced some poor guy to print fake money look-a-likes for the pick-up-the-bride games. C’mon. What more can I say?

Aldwin and I went crazy with our planning because we wanted to honor and pamper all our guests. We are so thankful for all your support and guidance through our ups and downs. We hope that message came through during our wedding weekend and we look forward to future adventures with you all!

For those of you who could not make it, know that we appreciate all efforts made to be there with us (especially the creative and funny ones to escape work). Here is the trailer and wedding photos as promised.



The Bride