Cozy Up in Hongkong

Jeffrey & Agita by Dre

Jeff and Agita travel quite frequently to Hong Kong and Macau, and chose those two cities as the backdrop of their prewedding portraits. I didn't mind it one bit. Both cities come so alive at night and I couldn't wait to discover just what I could do there. On top of that, we were there in December, so both cities were in a jolly good festive mood. Perfect!

The highlight of the first day was definitely the session on the beach. It was cold and the wind was freezing but the couple was persistent to shoot there anyway, with summer beach attire! I guess the cold weather forced them to cozy up and to warm each other, which was, needless to say, great! The next day, however, Agita went down with a bad cold. But lucky for all of us, after a few rounds of delicious Portugese egg tarts, she gained her superpowers back and was back to perfect health in no time at all. We were a good few hours behind schedule, and we still needed to check out of our hotel and then take the ferry ride to Macau, but there was just no stopping these two. We were shooting in Macau till close to midnight. Our bodies were smashed, but we had a pretty awesome time.

Jeff and Agita are both avid bowlers and that's actually what brought them together. Their bowling coach introduced them to each other. They are a perfect match. Jeff brings the maturity into the relationship and Agita, the playfullness. They complement each other so well. That's gotta say, don't close your doors, spread your net. Go out there, make new friends. Love comes in the unlikeliest of places, but it's never too far from where you socialize.

To Jeff and Agita, congratulations once again!