You make me happy

Alim & Yovita by Ivan

Do you know what makes me happy? Adventure through a country with beautiful spots to shoot at. This trip with Alim and Yovita will stay with me for a long time. Unforgettable, I'm sure.

We first shot at Old Sacramento where everything just oozes cowboy vibes. It is a quiet place with many interesting spots. And the outfit that Alim and Yovita prepared for the shoot was so fitting that the old western feel was just too great to miss.
But I have to say that the best part of this adventure was to shoot at the sunflower fields. Let me tell you why. So, we were driving out of Sacramento towards Napa Valley when we spotted a field of yellow. We couldn't resist pulling over and checking to see what it is. When we realized that it was a field of sunflowers, all my photographer's insticts knew that anything shot there would just be gorgeous. Yovita jumped at the chance but Alim hesitated. You see, Alim is not a fan of the buzzing bees. And what comes with all those big sunflowers? You guessed it. Bees! And they were huge! But he took one down for the team and mustered up all his courage to get down there. My brother, was all the screaming worth it? I'm sure it was... these shots of you both in the fields of gold is just tol beautiful for words.

I won't forget how much fun I had on this trip... and I would love to revisit and shoot at the places we discovered again in a heartbeat.