Ballroom weddings. They tend to receive the cold "same old, same old" comments lately. But I beg to differ. After having attended numerous weddings, going after the little details that make the moments throught the day, I still think that every wedding is unique. Especially weddings in which every tradition or events are wrapped with the intimacy of those closest to the couple. Smiles, laughter and happy tears colour the day, and that is always a joy to capture.

Being a part of a collective culture such as Indonesia, it is not unusual to have a long (and I mean loooong!) guest list. Friends and acquaintances from friends and acquantainces are usually on it and I won't be surprised if the bride and groom seem to be lost in that sea of people for the night. However, it is a privilege for them both, because there is also that much people wishing them well and praying for their happily ever after. That is why I think that exciting speeches from those closest to the couple who knows the couple best are so great to be included at the celebration. Not only are they entertaining, but they also tell the world (or at least all the other guest in the room) a glimpse of who they are celebrating. From behind my lense, it is always such a joy to watch the laughter as a result of all that is said.

I really enjoyed William and Mira's special day. I hope you do too.

Congratulations again to the happy couple. We'll raise our glass again to your happily ever after!

Garry V