Rendy & Susanti

The Wedding by Paulus


As a wedding photographer, I am always inclined to avoid directing a couple on what to do or where to stand. I am always more in favor of letting everything run its course and capturing the spontaneities that make memorable moments. I think that if a couple didn’t want to do the obligatory kiss or hug or do the usual public display of affection, I wouldn’t want to make them do something they are uncomfortable with. It’s because of that I realize people have many different ways of expressing love, and that it’s never up to us to say whether it is good or bad. Hey, if a fistbump is what it takes for a girl to tell her guy that she loves him, who are we to say that it’s not enough? Public display of affection is never the measurement of how much love is shared between a couple, nor it is the definition of a picture-perfect moment. The absence of it does not diminish romance. Love is deeper than that. And to capture love in however unique way a couple expresses it, well… therein lies the beauty.

There were no mushy lip-smacking at Rendy and Susanti’s wedding. But as they said their vows under the beautiful Bali sky, their words warmed hearts and brought tears to the eyes of witnesses. Love is a tangible feeling and it is powerful when it’s shared.

Congratulations again, Rendy and Susanti! May your love be everlasting.