The Wedding of Jeffrey & Yohana

Cinematic Trailer by Dimar

I believe that every wedding is unique. It can never be the same from one to another. Each always has its own unique story to tell. Personally, I'd like to consider myself a candid videographer. I let things roll out as they are and put extra attention into capturing the details that surround me. Because it is these details, big or small, that make up the series of mini stories that are scattered throughout the day. When they are combined together, these details present themselves in the form of a powerful message.

Filming Jeffrey & Yohana was such a joy to me and the team. I personally loved to see how passionate Jeffrey is to his bride, Yohana and found his speech during the dinner reception especially touching. The chemistry between them is just magical and when it happens in front of my very eyes, well... that just simply cannot be ignored.

I hope you enjoy this short clip as much as I have filming it.