Bali Love

Ronald & Lenny by David

Shooting for Ronald and Lenny is something I would love to do again. Aside from all the fun we had, shooting them made me feel like I was shooting a tourism ad for one of my favorite cities in the world. We covered all the best spots there is to find in Bali – the waterfall, the beach, villas, the vibrant nightlife, even horse riding into the sunset.

When we see beautiful images of two people in love such as these, we can’t help but imagine just how perfect and how grand love is. In reality, love isn’t always so. Love isn’t in the perfections – nights can seem longer, days can seem hotter, and we don’t always find flowers on our doorstep to brighten our day. I think that to really experience love, we’re going to have to look at it from the opposite. When nothing seems to be in place, when the future still seemed bleak, or when health is fading, when we’re old and wrinkled and grey… that’s when true love is visible. True love will stand the test of time!

To Ronal and Lenny, it was really our pleasure to capture your spectacular moment of love in Bali. We wish you a lifetime of loving each other. Let’s meet up again one day for your 50th anniversary, still holding hands and still so madly in love!