Craig & Sarah

The Wedding by Adi

Do you know why I'm always excited shooting weddings in Bali even if they are repetitively in the same venue?

Because of its wonderful spirits. Being in every corner of the wedding, I always feel the warmth of real friendship and family. It's full of laughter, joy, and smiles. Because the people who are present are only the closest people in the couple's life. People who really mean a lot to them. The atmosphere is far from the stiff and procedural ceremony.

So is in the wedding that I shoot this time. Craig and Sarah's wedding was very simple. So simple that they just visited Bali a week before the D-day: to have the first look of the venue! Sarah easily fell in love the venue. She loves the atmosphere, the scenery, and the surroundings. Even she refused the offer to replace the lounge benches in the wedding chapel to Tiffany chairs. She loved everything just the way it was.

That simplicity created an honest and non-pretentious wedding, which I can feel within the emotions of the guests.

More than that, they are very photogenic and passionately expressing their love towards each other, which make me even happier shooting this wedding.

These are few photos that I like.