A Christmas Message

Written by Ps. Jeffrey Rachmat

Christmas season is a very special season! And it’s not because we get the chance to receive our annual bonuses. Nor is it because of the presents or the season for shopping or the chance to go on holiday.

It is not special because children get to meet and take photos with an oversized gentleman, who we all know as Santa Clause, sporting a red costume and a fake white beard.

Christmas is special because we are special. You and I are God’s special creation. So special that Heaven decided to give the One-and-Only, the very best, and that is Jesus, to come into this world to bring us good news. To rekindle hopes. To free captives from sin and bad habits, and to open the way for mankind to re-connect with the God who created them.

Without Christ, there’d be no Christmas. But Christmas exists because you are special.  

And for the reason, we all should rejoice because Christmas season is a reminder that there is a God who loves us. A reminder that you are precious, loved, and accepted just the way you are. And that you have a beautiful future ahead of you.


Merry Christmas! Jesus loves you.


Jeffrey Rachmat