Dreamy Paris

Andry & Krystle by David


You remember the shoot we did in Paris for Lawrence and Livia? Well, Andry is Livia’s brother. And since they just tied the knot last month, I thought it would be nice to share with you what we did for Andry and his bride Krystle.

Actually we had planned to have their pre-wedding session somewhere on the coast of Italy. But the couple wanted to schedule the shoot along with their family holiday, so Paris it was! One thing led to another and we had Andry and Krystle’s as well as Lawrence and Livia’s pre-wedding sessions on the same week but alternate days. It was such an invigorating experience!

Andry is a nice, super fun, super talkative guy, so naturally shooting him was a joy! His wife, Krystle, is elegant and edgy. She is a Tex Saverio fan from the start, so she came prepared with the gorgeous dresses that he created especially for her pre-wedding session.

There are factors that add to the majesty of a shot. More than the chemistry of the couple, wardrobe and weather also play an important part. I am especially amazed at how that black dress added the splendor to the shot on the stairs. Also, during our first day of shooting, it rained and didn’t clear up until 5pm, but still we managed to get that stunning reflection shot. As a photographer, I am learning to make the most of the situations that gets thrown my way, and more often than not, I end up with an amount of blessings in disguise on my hands.

Congratulations Andry and Krystle. I hope you enjoy these shots of you, and when you look back, you’d think of these moments with fond memories.  

Stay forever in love,