Happy 1st Anniversary

Jefri & Cecilia by David

We’ve known this sweet power couple for quite some time now that they feel like a part of the big AXIOO family already. I’m sure you’re all familiar with this couple as well and the work that they’ve inspired us to do, all of which we are extremely proud of. They are our muses. We’ve shot their pre-wedding sessions in South Africa, in Europe and in an extensive backdrop set up in our own studio. We shot their wedding and we even shot their family pictures. Cecile’s beauty portrait was the first we’ve ever done.

They are so much in love with each other it is addictive to shoot them. They’ve got the chemistry, they’ve got the style and they’ve got the looks. That’s all it took to make the all great shots.

Jeff and Cecile have been married for a year now and left us wondering how we left time flew by this fast. But even after all this time, Jeff is still chasing after the girl. He still goes out of his way to make his girl happy, always throwing surprises her way just to please her. He takes her to places she wants to be and they both still laugh at each other’s jokes. Now that is indeed so heartwarming to witness, and it makes us love to be around these lovebirds.

Here are a few shots that we loved of their anniversary and the video clip we made of them for their 1st anniversary.Congratulations, Jeff and Cecile! Here is to many more years of love!


David & Fen