The Wedding of Erik & Angela

Same Day Edit Video by Garry V.

Following the series of awesome events last weekend, next up, we have Erik & Angela’s Wedding. I’d say that the best part of my job would be the privilege I get to feel what these couples feel on what could be the biggest day of their lives. I could feel the hopes they put in their union, their cold feet before it all took place, and their joy as they enter a new life with the one that has captured their hearts some time before. I could feel their hearts swell as they express their gratitude to their parents and their heartbreak as they return the key to their parent’s homes – so to speak – and as their hearts leap at the prospect of the new adventures that awaits them. I am privileged to feel that every single time I shoot a wedding. That’s probably the best part of my job, and I would gladly recommend it to anyone who needs some good soul nourishment! At Erik and Angela’s wedding, I was fortunate enough to bear witness to their union as they spoke their lifelong vows to each other. I must admit that a piece of my heart will always stay with the words that Erik said to his bride “this is the day I’ve died from everything else just to live for you, Angela”. It was, hands down, one of the most heartwarming words every uttered during a sacred moment such as these. I believe it is the words that every girl grew up longing to hear, and it will definitely stay in heart forever. A beautiful wedding isn’t just about promises and celebration. It is about living out those words, day in and day out, for the rest of their lives. It’s no burden, it’s a blessing. I believe that marriage is a great idea, and it is refreshing for the souls, especially when we don’t forget to repeat the vows that we’ve once said and celebrate it through our every day action. Happy wedding, Erik and Angela! You are a fine couple and I hope you enjoy dedicating the rest of your lives just to make each other deliriously happy! Love, Garry V.