Palembang Love

Hendra & Ana by Jan

When I first started out as a photographer, I had jitters every time I had to shoot a concept that was out of my strength zone. But I soon realize that it would only hinder me from improving myself. I trained under some of the best wedding photographers in the industry and not only have they helped me to define my style, they also helped me to stare at challenge in the face and to welcome it with open arms whenever it comes my way. I now appreciate every opportunity I get to try out something new and I value first experiences.


This was my first ever pre-wedding shoot with traditional costumes. I’ve done traditional weddings before, but never a pre-wedding session whereby the bride and the groom were wearing traditional outfits. I must admit that it added a sense of excitement to it. The details, the feel… it was all very different to me. Different and yet so fascinating. Hendra and Anna wore the traditional outfit from Palembang for their prewedding session and it was beautiful. Anna has worn her hijab since she was five and has never been without it. So, naturally, we had to put our somewhat western-influenced fashion thinking caps aside and got our gear on to work a concept around the traditional details. It was a great first experience for me, and here are my personal favorite shots of the couple.


Congratulations Hendra and Anna!