Nice and Easy

Silvanus & Diva by Jan

I am privileged to meet many people doing what I do in this wedding industry. I would meet people with many different personalities, with many different styles, and people who work in various industries. Some of my clients are accountants, some entrepreneurs, some technical engineers… the variety is endless. But the ones that give me the coldest feet are those with the same profession as I. Photographers. I must admit, I get slightly nervous when I have to shoot another photographer. But that doesn’t stop me from being super excited to learn more.

That’s what I remembered when I met Silvanus and Diva. Silvanus is a photographer from Semarang. He’s somewhat a local celebrity, known for his warmth and his kind heart. Everyone feels comfortable around him. And Diva, she’s my senior in college. We studied the Design & Visual Communications together. So, with a photographer and designer as clients, I must admit I had a little bit of cold feet, a little pressured to perform, but overly excited to pull it off. But all that nervousness was for nothing, because these two were great! Both are great and just so comfortable in front of the camera… it made shooting them somewhat addictive! The day went by nice and easy, and here are a few shots of them that I absolutely loved.

Silvanus and Diva tied the knot last October. Congratulations again you two! Here’s to your happily ever after!