Aldwin & Sera

The Wedding by David


I’ve shot my share of destination weddings in the past years doing what I do, and I’ve always felt the thrill to do it. Marrying away from home in the past usually meant eloping, where the couple would escape in the night to run away from the disapproval of families and tie the knot on their own terms. But today, that idea is no longer valid and a lot more couples are moving the traditional formal affair to an intimate and casual occasion in their dream honeymoon spot. The best part about destination weddings is that it involves only a selected handful of family and friends, which makes it a bona fide week long family affair. And another reason why I personally love destination weddings is that basically the couple gets to call the shots and make that day (or week entirely theirs) and steer clear of family drama, because the place is just to gorgeous for anything less than sheer happiness.

Aldwin and Sera tied the knot in Paris. There is no other cities that can spark a romantic feel like Paris and while I’ve witnessed firsthand countless times of how this city can provide an amorous backdrops for pre-wedding portraits, it is an absolute stunning location for a wedding.  Paris wasn’t the original destination for this couple who have been dating on and off for years before committing to forever. At first they wanted to keep it simple at either Jakarta or Bali. However, Aldwin’s sister who lives in Paris just gave birth and had to stay, and because there was no way they were going to celebrate this moment without her, if she couldn’t come to the wedding, they will bring the wedding to her.

It was a gorgeous event. Small and intimate filled with only the closest of friends and relatives. On the day before the wedding, the guests were invited to a scenic welcome lunch, cruising on the River Seine all around Paris. The ceremony was held in the beautiful Pavilion de Musique de la Contesse du Barry overlooking the city and the night carried on in an intimate reception at the Shangri-la Paris, an absolutely stunning hotel.

Destination weddings seem to be a growing trend and Aldwin and Sera just showed us why. An intimate affair filled only with the people you love most in a beautiful setting for the perfect, unrushed weeklong reunion, there is surely nothing better. Congratulations, Aldwin and Sera. May your days together be filled with even more l’amour