Keep the dream alive

Ronald Steven Portraits by Fen

Celebrate the dreamer in you. Answer the big “why not?” questions. Always capture new ideas that encourage you to press on regardless. Expand on those magical callings that give your heart wings. There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly. So keep dreaming, creating, and expanding.

I believe everyone one of us have dreams. Some may be realistic and within arms’ length while some may be quite out there. I also believe that dreams are a reflection of our heart’s deepest desires that we are meant to live out in our lives. Dreams come into our lives regardless of our situations, as if our hearts have a mind of its own. It starts out as a tiny seed of desire that grows over time, if we nurture it. However, when we are faced with the realities of time, the big questions start popping up. Where do I begin? How do I start? How do I know that I have the talent to pursue it? What if I don’t make it? Then we stop. We kill that dream because it doesn’t seem to answer any of our current needs and because it just seemed too far to reach.

But then, once in a blue moon, we get lucky enough to meet someone who inspires us to start dreaming again. Someone like Ronald Steven.  Ronald plays bass on the premium stages of Jakarta, making music with our country’s top musicians and artists such as Agnes Monica, Andien and Ari Lasso just to name a few. He is one of those guys that every girl would fall for. Cool and composed, tattooed with a mysterious aura around him. And when he’s up on the big stage with the spot light on him, strumming away on his bass guitar, he is the epitome of every fan girl’s dream guy.

Ronald’s music career didn’t start as smoothly as one might have imagined. Like any son raised within the Asian community, Ronald has always known that his parents expected him to continue the family business, just as his father has done and like the father before him has done as well. But music was a part of him, a part of his soul. It was in his blood and he felt the compelling urge to go after it. What began as a hobby from his funds and savings, with hard work, persistence and perseverance became his reality.  

If one would be wise to ask him about how he managed to go through all that, his answer would simply be to “keep the dream alive”. He did. He kept that dream alive through elementary and that won him several prizes for music. At the age of 17, he started recording. When the producer said that something was wrong with his guitar, he rented one with his own money, until he could afford to get himself a new one. He went to college, worked for his degree, got several offers, but declined because he knew that deep inside music is where he was supposed to be. Throughout the seasons of his life, he still felt that compelling urge to bless nations with his music, to get his messages across in rhythms and notes. So he pressed on.

There was no secret formula or magical solutions or dramatic big breaks. He kept his dream alive and worked hard to pursue it. He saw opportunities and he went for it. He saw challenges and he got up the courage to accept it. And because music was his passion, he was never tired of running after it.

I believe that every one of us can take a few cues from Ronald Steven. We can do our hearts justice and muster up the courage to reach for that dream. Any call that makes our heart flutters and sends it soaring is surely worth our every effort. And when roadblocks seem to be in your path, keep that dream alive, and let your heart lead the way.

Thank you, Ronald, for sharing your story with us. You are an inspiration to many. And thank you for sharing Nero for a day. That cute pug has officially won my heart.


With love,