William & Felicia by David

Sometimes we get lucky enough to meet clients who become our travel buddies, and my wife and I have been so lucky to travel around the US with this cheerful couple last spring. 

We shot their pre-wedding portraits around San Francisco, Napa Valley, Los Angeles, Vegas and New York City. The Californian cities hold more than just beautiful panoramic backdrops, but they also hold a lot of William and Felicia’s memories together. They both spent some time in USC together and hence the shot there. I guess that I’ve always had a soft spot for old memories such as these, because I am biased for those series. They seemed extra special somehow.

We really enjoyed travelling through the US together with these two who were always cheerful, joking around and laughing all day. We didn’t plan on any particular concept and left room to just indulge in the travel, to experience the local feel, and to warm our hands on cups of coffee while we chat over subjects too frivolous for the day-to-day frenzy at home. The best part of the whole trip was that we got in it with clients and left the trip with friends. It was a wonderful experience indeed.

William and Felicia, thank you for the friendship, guys! We wish you only love and more love throughout the seasons of your lives!

xoxo from axioo