Happy Birthday, Mr. Boss!

David’s Birthday Surprise, written by Kinsky

We challenge ourselves to come up with a new scheme every October to celebrate David’s birthday. If you guys notice on blogs of previous years, we always try to set up something exciting on his birthday (Payback time comes once a year, Boss!)


This year, we knew David wanted his birthday to be simple. Not the “funny-funny-ha-ha” kind of surprise. Besides we wanted him to give him some time to contemplate about being a year older. (It’s okay, you still look so young regardless of those eye bags and shark bangs!) But one thing is for sure, we didn’t want to miss any chance of bullying him!

So, the main idea was to kidnap him on what seemed like a peaceful morning to M5 (read: Martimbang V – our new studio, more on that later!). We all bow down and salute Ms. Inri Wong, the superwoman who decorated the venue all by herself!

While she was busy decorating, we successfully kidnapped David after he just finished ordering his coffee and fried cassava.  Bye-bye, peaceful morning.

The professional bodyguards strode into the coffee shop, tied David’s hands, blindfolded his eyes and forced him into the special ride that we have prepared for the day: the Bajaj! We dressed up the vehicle with frills and balloons and fancy stuff. Yes, EVERYONE had to see him!! And who did we assign to drive the special Bajaj? The one and only Mr. Ivan Mario!! (insert roaring laughter here!) We all know he’s multitalented, but little did we know that driving a Bajaj is one of them. Ivan, we love that we get to learn new things about you every day!

David loves to party and he loves to be the center of attention! (Yeah, Mr. Boss – don’t think that we didn’t notice that!) So, in retrospect, we actually did you a birthday favor! An Awie Style Celebration! (Oh and for those who didn’t know, David has a commercial name. He goes by Awie!)

Meanwhile at the venue, his multitalented and super-inspirational wife came up with the theme “and the hippie continues” ( click here to see our previous Hippie Party), with a barbecue set up by the pool (Thanks to Ms Jiji Tayu who never fails to make us voluntary stuff ourselves silly with delicious food even when we’ve past our full limit!) We dressed up as hippies while waiting for our guest of honor to arrive. And of course while doing that, we all took lots and lots of pictures!

We have made a scrapbook with wishes from all of us. What we did last Saturday is just a little expression how we love you Ko-Wi. For us, you are more than just an inspiring leader; you are a caring friend, a big brother we can all look up to, a Papi to this wonderful and happy family that you have made. You are a blessing to each and every one of us!

So on your 33rd birthday, we just want to tell you again that you are proof that dreams are never too big. You are a man of faith who inspires us all to become better people. Thank you for your constant words of encouragement, endless motivations and for taking us in, just as we are! Thank you for believing in us. We promise that we’ll be good this year and not stress you out too often. We’ll also work harder but play even harder too!

Every year on your birthday, you get a chance to start new - (Sammy Hagar) Here’s to a new and bigger dream! (A baby girl, perhaps?)

With all our love,


Oh and for you who didn’t know, October happens to be a happy month here at AXIOO because it calls for more than just one huge celebration! We have Donny Effrien who celebrated his birthday yesterday and Jan Engelbert on the 27th. Axioo pool has been calling out your names! Bring spare clothes, my friends. You’ve been warned!