You Complete Me

Andry & Yulita by Paulus

I come across a vast variety of people doing what I do. I meet fun and bubbly personalities or sometimes quieter ones, but lucky for me, they are always in a season of their lives where they are happy. When I meet them, these unique personalities are joined together and form a combination. And it is almost always perfect. Sometimes I meet two bubbly personalities who have so much fun with each other. Another time I would meet a chatty bride-to-be with a quieter groom-to-be, and I’d notice the twinkle in their eyes as they gaze upon each other. The possibilities are endless. But what never ceases to amaze me is this: no matter what the combination of people are, they always complement each other in a way that you cannot imagine them being with anyone else but that person. Always. Isn’t that amazing? That there are more than a gazillion unique personalities in this world, but they can end up with someone who is just so right for them? I would say that it was all luck… but having walked down that road, I know now that it is choice.

I know that even more after being reminded by Andry and Yulita. Seeing the two of them together, I once again believe that marriage is a choice we make to spend the rest of our lives with someone, no matter how different we are in personalities. We may different, but living without that person is just so unimaginable to us that we commit to complete each other no matter what.

Congratulations Andry and Yulita. May your days be sweeter as the years roll by.