Erwin & Yovi

The Wedding by Ivan

It’s always such a privilege to shoot a wedding of a dear friend, one I have come to know and love for quite some time. This wedding took place a while back, almost a year to be exact, but that day still lingers so clearly in my mind that I thought it would be fun to share it with you.


Everyone, meet Erwin. He just set his foot back in this country after years of adventuring in the US doing what he loves, taking pictures. Mostly of himself. But lucky for him, many recognize this talent of his and hire him, which makes him a professional photographer. He is usually full of himself but when he’s not he’s a whole of fun to be with. He’s bubbly, he’s confident, and he’s bold – much like his color choice for his wedding. Many will appreciate his sense for the little details (look, the dude has three different glasses to wear on the one day of his wedding. Three!) But more than all that, he is a great friend. And a very lucky fellow, to have won the heart of a beautiful sweetheart such as Yovi. This guy is lucky in the many occasions his wife compliments him. And it is a joy to see him love someone more than he loves himself. (Insert roaring laughter here!)

The wedding of a friend is always such a pleasure. It was refreshing to see Erwin in front of the camera; I guess I’m more used to seeing him click away at events. It was probably the same for all the other photographer friends who came and witness him get hitched, because I’m sure that we all had a great time capturing the beautiful moments of Erwin and his bride. We enjoyed the little details that made that day truly theirs and smiles and laughter that filled the venues. Congratulations again, man! I wish you and Yovi sweeter years ahead. And may your love for her (and the little offspring to come) finally outgrow the love you have for yourself, you narcist you!


We love you, dude!