Journey of a Lifetime

Egi + Zita Wedding Trailer

Directed and Written by: Jimmy Indra


Hi everyone, 

This is actualy my first traditional wedding journalism in the awesome AXIOO team, so please check it out..

The couple's name is Egi and Zita, and after 3 days of shooting them, I got to know a little bit about both of them.
Both Egi and zita have fantastic sense of humor and they always know how to make you comfortable with their smile. From the start, Egi and Zita right away embraced us and treated us like one of their old friends which is very important to us, especially in a traditional wedding like this one because some of the ceremonies are very personal and intimate in nature. Many times we would be very close and personal while shooting them trying to capture as best as we could their intimate moments and it helps tremendously when the couple sees us as one of their friends rather than faceless potographers and videographers. Actually as I spend a little bit more time with them I began to see that they are very friendly not to just their friends, but as a family, they are very friendly to each of the family members.
One of the things that I remembered vividly as well was how religious they are. They always pray, never leave shalah, 5 times a day. They are always reading quran as well. Something which is rare nowadays!
Overall it's been a pleasure shooting and spending an amazing 3 days with Egi and Zita. Congrats to the blessed couple!