Being Seventeen

Bella Beauty Portraits by David, Written by Fen


It’s been a while since I was 17. But thinking back on the year I turned 17 never fails to put a huge smile on my face. Worries were few and life was just glorious. I allowed myself to try new things, to be adventurous without a care in the world. I travelled and made new friends. I ate lots of good food without thinking about it would do to my figure because I had kick-ass metabolism. I visited new places with my girlfriends every chance I got and had butterflies in my stomach as I walked into overwhelmingly big buildings during orientation. I learned new languages and musical instruments. I skipped classes as my heart skipped beats. And I fell in love… a lot! I crushed over cute basketball players and math teachers and finally stumbled upon the three handsome Japanese robots Sharivan, Gaban and Saider, who until today still takes my breath away.

I found myself when I was seventeen. I flourished on knowledge and discovered the person I was meant to be, the person I wanted to be. I met great friends and saw timeless arts. I dared myself to watch my dreams unfold; the dreams that I had once only began to imagine.  Those days, I will keep tucked in my little heart for always. It was one of those days of glory. And while I am no longer seventeen, I still look forward to a thousand more of those days.

But as for Bella, her life is just about to begin. Her laughing eyes and joyful heart will take her to a lot of places. Her infectious smile, her enchanting ways, and her big heart will bring her to cross paths with a lot of wonderful and unforgettable adventures. She’s got a lot waiting for her down the road. We can only watch her from a far and wish her only the best that life has to offer. Dream big, Bella. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams and live the life you’ve imagined. Follow your dreams, they know the way.


With love,