AXIOO Book Design in Drupa Dscoop HP Print Award

We just received temporary bragging rights (you know what they say, if you got it, flaunt it!), we thought that it might be fun to share a special little number that bought us a name in the international playing field.

It all began one day, sometime around midnight under the moonlight of the month of May, when we received such humbling great news, the kind that makes you want to jump through the roof and fly straight to the moon! A dear friend and partner to our packaging production, informed us that one of our books had just won the First place WORLDWIDE at Drupa Dscoop Hewlett-Packard Print Award in Boon, Germany, edging out competition from North and Latin America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Japan. This is the most prestigious award ever held for Photo Book Printing Competition in the world and we are greatly honored to have won it together with our amazing partner, KISAH Personal Publishing. And that's also the reason why we joyfully shout HOORAY! 

The whole team rejoiced including our dear clients and friends, Ronald and Elvina, to whom we quickly shared the news to. It is solely because of their deep trust to our creative team that allowed us to birth such a masterpiece for them and won this amazing award. The excitement was literally… BEYOND WORDS! 

At Axioo, we always treasure the trust given by the couple who fully entrusted the photo concept and design process to us. In essence, it's like we’ve received our own playground and we can do whatever we want to it :) Such freedom and trust always encourage our team to try out new materials and experiment with out-of-the-box designs. Elvina talked to us a few times on how she wants to fill her house walls with everything Axioo made (and here, Ron always rolled his eyes *LOL) So as we brainstormed on the design, we thought of how to make the whole thing more than just a photo book and a box to store it within... how to make them into a piece of art that can become a part of her home and bring memory comes alive as they walk by it every day.

So here, we proudly present their beautiful journey, captured into magical photos and made into a treasure for a lifetime. 

All the credits rightfully go to:
Clients: Ronald & Elvina
Photographer: Ivan Mario
Stylist: Meliantha Natania 

Photo Editor: Cellia L.
Book & Packaging: Diana Henry
Printing & Production: KISAH Personal Publishing