To gaze adoringly at you

Beauty Portraiture of Shau Fun by Fen
When I first met Shau Fun and Kent, I knew instantly that I was going to like them. They are both so friendly and warm and anyone who stands remotely close to them will surely realize how much in love they are with each other. Shooting for Shau Fun was a breeze, her beauty just radiates through in every shot. And we had such a great time exploring her angles to capture her gorgeousness and her romantic side. But what I absolutely cannot shake off until today was how Kent looked at her through the entire shoot. Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I felt a little warm and fuzzy inside when I caught a glimpse of Kent looking adoringly at his future bride. Like he was genuinely captivated by her beauty and in awe that one day this year, she will be his wife. I’ve been married for a little over 8 years now, and I realize that marriage may not come easy for everyone. It takes a lot of hard work from both sides to overcome the frivolous issues that comes piling up day in and day out. It takes a lot of talking things out, a lot of patience, and a strong commitment. You see, I think that a huge fight or a break up is never caused by one big problem. It is usually a mass of small problems that have gone unresolved for far too long. Just by one hit on the tip of the iceberg, everything can come crumbling down. But when the commitment is strong, nothing can ever go wrong. Commitment is the key. And after 8 years, I have realized that commitment comes easy for me because I had chosen my partner wisely. I have chosen to spend my life with someone who fills my tank every morning, someone who showers me with endless encouragements and affirmations, someone who gives me freedom to explore my potential and my purpose in this world. For a girl like me, this is important, to wake up every morning knowing without a doubt that I am indeed loved by my husband, and whatever may come our way, we will be okay. So as I caught that glimpse of Kent gazing adoringly at his beautiful bride to be, I am reminded once again of how important it is to find something you admire in your partner. From admiration comes respect, followed by gratitude – that this person has made a choice to spend the rest of his/her life with you. And when you realize just how lucky you are, commitment is the next natural thing. With love, Fen