Searching for mr.kent

written by Christina | photography by Paulus
Mr. Kent said “I've loved you from the beginning…” One late afternoon, I decided to entertain my strange mind and BB my muse (namely Maya) and asked, “Hey, would you choose Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne?” I was sure she must have had that WTH face but like a good friend that she is; she replied, “Of course Bruce Wayne! He is rich and Clark Kent is an alien!” “Yeah but Clark Kent is kind and he can fly.” Don’t we all girls (single or not) have this kind of conversation all the time? You may not get caught up in superheroes world like I do, but we all compare notes, always trying to find either his plus points or minus points… sometimes just to pass time (yes, we girls are cruel.) Even for you who are not into superheroes world, I am sure you know Superman or Batman or Spiderman (trust me, the names get worse if you go further). I won’t talk much on the flying bat with enhanced car engine but I’d rather dived into the romantic world of the blue eyes alien with steel muscle yet kind hearted namely Superman. He can move faster than bullet; bend steel with bare hands; invulnerable and best of all, he can fly – thank God he doesn’t look anything like ET! On daily basis he works as a brilliant investigative reporter but clumsy. He hides his superhero identity behind this carefully crafted facade of a badly dressed farm boy from Texas, Clark Kent. And as we all know, Superman falls in love with Lois Lane when she fell from the heli and he caught her mid air (talk about prince charming sweeping you off your feet!) Twist of the story is that, she never knew that the great Superman and the awkward four-eyes Clark Kent who works with her daily are actually the same person. Lois Lane, the smartest investigator reporter is too proud to see the hero under the annoyingly average Clark Kent and too afraid to accept that under the famous red cape, Superman is just like any other normal guy… Don’t we girls are like her sometimes (or all the time, maybe?) We expect all love stories to be epic novels but in reality, some are just short stories but that doesn’t make them any less filled with love. We are so lulled by all the romantic movies we watched or novels we read that we expect the same sweep-me-of-my-feet kind of story as well. Face it, not everyone is cast as a princess BUT we are the main cast of our own story, whatever your role is! We all have wishes, list for THE Man we want, prayers, however you do it, we are all searching for Superman, searching for the epic love story we see or read or hear about. IF you are searching for Superman, don’t forget that the man under the cape is called Mr. Kent. In fact, you know what? I think Lois Lane is afraid of falling in love… that is why she fails to see that Superman and Clark Kent are one and the same. Don’t be blinded by all the epic love stories that you fail to see the boy next door. Don’t be afraid to fall in love, for though you cannot erase your past but there is no past bigger than God. So why not take a chance on loving? Here is my point, ladies, if today you are in love with a Superman, never forget that under he’s-all-that is a clumsy Mr. Kent and if today you are in love with an awkward four-glass Clark Kent, don’t forget that inside him there is superman! For me personally, to discover a superman inside farm boy Clark Kent is a much more rewarding experience. After all who would believe a man can fly until one meets Superman? Who would believe that man exists until you stand with him hand in hand in front God? “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” – Hebrews 11:1 … Miss Lane replied “and I'll love you to the end.”