Puppy Love

Written by Maya
I believe everyone has had that experience where the heart instantly turns into mush at the sight of a cute puppy dog, his adorable waggling tail and big round puppy eyes. It’s at the sight of this sheer cuteness where all logic evaporates and is replaced by a big urge to instantly take the little ball of fur home. When we bring home a pup on impulse, it is usually an act out of sudden emotional instability, when ration is replaced by the melting of the heart, caused by a pretty little face. And it’s during this time, when the matters of the mind is put aside to make way for matters of the heart, that decisions are made without taking into consideration the consequences that may follow. It’s almost like the beginning part of a relationship. Everything he does make you fall deeper in love with him. Your heart pounds to see him walk towards you, even as he stumbles with his two left feet. Your knees turn weak to hear him speak, even when he mumbles your name. His soft touches linger on your skin for days. And even when he forgets you had a date, the guilty look on his face lets you know that everything is alright. It’s almost irrational. The more you learn about him, the more you love. You want to spend a lifetime with him. And even when nothing he says can change your mind, your heart just can’t seem to get enough. It’s almost impossible. Almost. But when we bring commitment into the picture, when we add this powerful shield and protection into the equation, what started off as an act of sheer madness, or a fling, can turn into a great possibility for long term and successful relationship. When your commitment to your puppy is whole, there is nothing he can do to make you love him less. Not when he starts to mark his territory around your house, not when he starts to grow possessive over your time (and not to mention your money), certainly not when you start to notice the shed fur on your clothes or your sofa or even your bed. And when his genetic disorder begins to kick in as time passes by, as he begins to see a little less, or walk a little slower, there is nothing in the world that you would trade him in for. That is a choice, powered by commitment. So girls, even when he’s the only one laughing at his own jokes, or when he can’t quite match his clothes, and when all those things that were once cute about him begins to annoy you… stay committed anyway. You can’t fall for a puppy when you can’t handle a little fur. So don’t fall in love when you refuse to be committed. After all, as puppy love is only as good as his puppy eyes, a relationship is only as good as your commitment to each other.