Fairytale Romance

Jeff & Cecil by David
I believe in fairytale. Not like the ones we used to hear when we were kids. Disney has its share of planting the seeds of fairytale. But as we grow older, we know those only exist in storybooks and Disneyland. As we meet couples who share with us how their love began, what sparks their relationship, we believe there's a magical power that brought them together. That doesn't mean that problems does not exist as they come together. In fact new problems surfaces, just like the evil stepmother or the dragon that stands in between, only this time the problem is real. It's only when they face their obstacles together, that they begin to see the power of two, thus embarking on a new adventure as a couple. Happily ever after depends on what you do after that ;) By now you have seen quite a few photos of Jeff & Cecil, here's one that we are super excited to show the world. Months of preparation for her dresses, the concept, the storyboard, the locations all come to this. This motion clip was shown just before they enter the ballroom last saturday as husband & wife. Location: Paris, Versailles, Axioo Dress: Melta Make up: Andreas