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Charles + Henny Same Day Edit
Directed by: Yosep Sugiarto I didn't get the chance to meet Charles and Henny before their wedding. So we went to Bali a day before their wedding day very early so we can get to Conrad Hotel to meet up with them before the actual shoot. I'm usually quite good in meeting new people, given time I can get them to like me and be comfortable with me. But with Charles and Henny I didn't need that much that. Simply because they are genuinely such a nice couple. They welcomed me and the rest of our team with open arms, even let us take a few scenes with them with such a short notice! Turns out the few scenes that we took with them that afternoon one day before their wedding day becomes the turning point and the highlight of our same day edit. You see, on the wedding day, most couples are usually overwhelmed with all the different events that are going on that day. Not to mention the things that happened out of our expectations, so sometimes most couples tend to forget to stop and just admire each other, to say how they feel to each other on the biggest day of their lives. So, 'kidnapped' Charles and Henny, put them in a place where nobody was there, and let them just enjoy each other and say to each other what they feel that very moment to each other. All we did was provide the opportunity, and the rest, was magic. Congrats Charles and Henny. May your days ahead be filled with magic. Donny