Keith & Riana

The Wedding by David
As soon as I saw Keith & Riana pre-wedding photos in Melbourne, taken by Ivan, I knew these guys are so much fun to be around. Ivan told me a little bit about how they fell in love and how loving they are. It was only when I get to meet them in Kuala Lumpur that I understood what Ivan meant. You two really look good together :) The day started like any other wedding, calm and quiet at first as Riana was getting ready. Suddenly a loud march approached her room, friends laughing and Keith shouting to find her. Then I knew this is NOT like any other wedding. The bridesmaids prepared a list of the meanest concoction to test how much Keith and his 'brothers' are willing to go through anything to be with Riana. I almost lost it when i sniffed into the 'overnight blend of blue cheese, orange juice and some other unidentified gooey stuff'. To my surprise they all passed the test. Drank and ate all of the 'strangest' breakfast during gate crashing. There was even a shot of Keith wearing a wig...ha ha you look groovy bro! The wedding ceremony was held in a calm lakeside in Putrajaya. With everyone crossing their fingers, praying for good weather, the bride and groom finally gets to walk down the aisle then exchanged their short yet meaningful vows. Friends and family came hugging, congratulating them for their new life. This has to be one of the fastest wedding ceremony ever, yet the sweetest. The timing was just so perfect that as soon as they left, the rain started to fall. Remember, ask and you shall receive. We have been shooting a few weddings in Kuala Lumpur lately, and I'm loving it! Somehow Malaysians really know how to party. I feel that their friends really stick together, supporting them, and super helpful throughout the wedding day. Friends are like brothers and sisters. I can't imagine going through the day without them. They add so much color, noise, pranks, jokes, and made it all so memorable. I wish more friends will take a bigger part in weddings, not just coming as guest. Hats off to my Malaysian friends. Congrats to Keith & Riana for your unforgettable wedding. I'm sure your life ahead will be one exciting journey. Hey Keith, don't stop dancing :)