Hopeless Romantic

Kaleb & Ribka by David
Have you seen Kaleb & Ribka together? For those of you who have...you'll agree with me, they are the best looking, most compatible couple, so made for each other. They can finish each other's sentences just like chip and dale. Funny, playful and yet very sweet. There's just something about them, that even at one glance you know they are so in love. Hmm, you might even have seen their earlier pre-wedding session shot in Axioo studio. As if that wasn't enough, we packed our bags and flew 11,000 kilometers west to capture their portraits in Paris. I keep telling them, it doesn't matter where we shoot for their pre-wedding, as long as we can capture their chemistry together. Well of course Paris is hard to beat. With great weather + capital city of love + hopeless romantic couple, I knew I could close my eyes and click on the shutter, and we'll get great shots. Yes we did! Actually we had more than just great shots, it's the memory of being in the city, roaming around, sharing life stories are what made this so priceless.