Joe & Kinsky

The Wedding
It's the wedding of the year in Axioo. As one of us steps into a new world of wonders, we all sing, dance, laugh and cry happy tears...what a celebration! Warning this has to be our longest wedding post ever...with more than a hundred images, this might look like an album by itself. Please enjoy their happy moments :) For anyone who has been in touch with Axioo, Kinsky is no stranger. Ever since she joined us, she brought with her a large doze of sunshine, cheerful and always ready to be a friend. I still remember the first time we were introduced to her, our first ever meeting in Starbucks in Plaza time really flies. I've known Joe for a while now, we met way back during our college days in the IFGF Northwest retreat. Somehow our path cross again in Jakarta and remain good friends. So when these two announced that they're engaged and soon to be married, we were all jumping in excitement. This is it...from now on they will be Mr & Mrs Sentoso. Months of preparation finally led to this beautiful day in Bali. No one can ask for a more beautiful weather. Bright sunny day, with light cooling breeze ushered their wedding ceremony. Set by the beach in a secluded villa, witnessed by at least a hundred of their closest family & friends, these two love birds walk down the aisle. Stunning bridesmaids Jiji, Nana, JB, Tya, Christy wore bright yellow dress with black ribbon for the finishing touch. While funky groomsman Martin, James, Lung, Malwin pulled off a cool look with only white shirt, gray vest & playful corsages. Smiles radiates from friends, some even begin to shed tears, and this is just the entrance. As Joe awaits for the lovely bride to walk on the aisle, he occasionally wipe his tears then pinched himself in disbelief. When they first look into each others eyes, the world seems to be moving in slow motion...just for them. Well at least it seems that way, with Ivan, Paulus, Jan and myself shooting this memorable moment from every angle, they can relive this day over and over again. As soon as they're pronounced husband and wife, waves of friends flocks to congratulate this newlywed. Guess what is Kinsky's favorite color? Yes, more yellow coming your way. Hundreds of yellow balloons were distributed to the guest and each of us release our well wishes for the couple. Refreshing cocktails lemonade and grapefruit came at the perfect time for most ladies, who seems to have endless energy for photos during sunset. The guys seems to prefer to chat with Bintang Beer in one hand. Intimate party + sunset + happy atmosphere = priceless. The party continues as Joe & Kinsky steps into the dance floor and light up the night with a surprise dance accompanied by their entourage. Next up, a local feast under the stars. All the while friends contribute songs and sexy dance to making the night even more memorable..this party is so Joe & Kinsky. Oh did i mention the after party yet? Well, we partied so hard that most of us forgot what happened that night. Glimpse of vodka bottles and tequila shots still vaguely registers in my head.'s the photos as evidence. To the happiest couple Joe & Kinsky, we wish you a lifetime of sharing love...this is just the beginning :) Photographers: Axioo team (Ivan Mario, Paulus Hyu, Jan Engelbert, David Soong) Venue: Sahita Villa Decoration: Nefi Decor Wedding Dress: Hiann Music: Beyond Entertainment Organizer : Green Light Make up : Adeline Invitation : Paperville Wedding Cake : Ixora Catering : Balinesia, Nuri's and Subak