Milky Magic

Eehow & Lifeng's to my 1st couple from Singapore Eehow & Lifeng! I met them year ago at Changi airport and to my surprise they gave me a lot of presents in that first meeting. Thank you guys :) Over the course of knowing them, I found out they are super generous and their hospitality is amazing! We even had the time to try out the best Laksa in town and martabak kacang during shooting. Gotta tell you, it was a super fun day!! We had so much fun shooting for them, they came prepared with all the props and their chemistry with each other made the shots possible. You guys are the sweetest couple of the month! We had a full day shooting in Singapore, found a cool new location for shooting in West Coast (typically we had our sessions in the East Coast). As we're shooting, we kept seeing tanks passing by, oh yes I forgot to tell you this is Singapore's military base..that's why ;p Good thing we didn't get shot ha ha It's been 8 times that Helen & I went to Universal Studio for photo session..and you know what, I think I'm the only one visitor who hasn't played or ride anything inside Universal. Let's do that next time. After our photo session, Eehow & Lifeng even took the time to write us a letter. "Thank you so much for your time and professionalism here in Singapore. We really miss you guys and this is a small gesture of our appreciation to accompany you guys back to Jakarta! Have a safe flight & we hope to see you both soon for durians!, we really enjoyed the time spend with you guys!" This simple letter just simply made our day and energy boost for us. Thank you Eehow and Lifeng for trusting us and for your amazing warmness. It is our pleasure to know you both.