Andi & Kara

Javanese Wedding
What can I say? I totally enjoy shooting traditional wedding. There's so much details to shoot, so many stories to tell, in so many different ways. I sincerely believe our rich Indonesian heritage is something we should be proud of. It's easy for us to accept new cultures, especially the Western wedding style that is simpler and not so elaborate. When planning your wedding, don't forget your roots, explore your own culture and traditions making it a one of a kind wedding. For Andi & Kara, they opt for an extensive Javanese wedding, full of traditional ceremonies. Immersed in the rich colors, I can't stop shooting the events that slowly unfold throughout the day. It's lovely. I'm honored to witness their solemn union and grand celebration. What's interesting about this wedding, it's got to be the first one where the bride's dad is fully involved preparing for Kara's big day. Om Maxi wanted everything to be perfect. He was the one who meets and choose the vendors. From time to time, he seems to be the one crossing all the T's and dotting the I's. A loving and proud father, who even carries her and dedicated a song for her. Thumbs up for Om Maxi :) ps: I doubted posting these images since their wedding has passed quite sometime ago, but I hope this will inspire you.