Love Expressed

Alvin + Juliana Trailer
My first video blog entry in 2011! We shot so many great weddings in 2010, and in the midst of all the glamor and luxury, sometimes we can lose the real meaning of a wedding. I thought it would be nice to start the year by reminding ourselves what a wedding is meant to be, and it's hard to really put it into words. But I think this wedding in Bandung summarizes what i really want to say. I've shot a much more glamorous weddings, much more beautiful locations, much bigger crowds before, but shooting Alvin and Juliana's wedding is one that I would remember a long time. How could I forget moments of Alvin's parents combing Alvin's hair symbolically for the last time while saying a prayer for him, and when Juliana's parents closed her wedding veil brought so many memories of them and made them all teary, and moments when Alvin expressed how much he loved Juliana. It was a beautiful day, a beautiful wedding. It was a day of love, it was a day when love was expressed. Congrats to both Alvin and Juliana, may your days be filed with love.